Bat Head Roots Seeds/Devil Pods/Evil Pods/Wood Devil/Kaknasa Martynia Seeds – 11 pcs

  • ✅Bat head roots are used to stop evil effects and it is used as a wishing root.✅Bat head roots are used to stop evil effects and it is used as a wishing root.
  • ✅Bat head roots are used to stop negative energies and it is used for protection sheild.
  • ✅Bat Head Root has amazing healing properties you need to make your desires come true.
  • ✅It is used for protection or making wishes come true, this powerful Sacred Bat Head Root has everything you need to make your desires come true.
  • ✅RUKDA sells only 100% Genuine, Adulteration-Free, Free from Harmful chemicals, pesticides & no additives Products.

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Discover the Mystical Power of Bat Head Root Seeds: Ward Off Evil, Manifest Dreams, & Find Protection

Are you seeking a natural talisman to repel negative energies, protect your space, and attract good fortune? Look no further than the enigmatic Bat Head Root Seeds, also known as Devil Pods, Evil Pods, Wood Devil, or Kaknasa Martynia Seeds. Centuries of reverence surround these sacred botanical wonders, prized for their potent metaphysical properties.

What are Bat Head Root Seeds?

Bat Head Root Seeds: Enigmatic Wonders of Nature and Spirit

With their naturally sculpted form resembling a bat’s head, these seed pods possess an aura of mystery and otherworldly power. Many cultures believe Bat Head Root Seeds (also known as Devil Pods, Wood Devil, and by their botanical name Martynia annua) hold potent protective and wish-granting properties. For centuries, diverse spiritual practices have cherished these seeds for their potential power.

Protective Powers: A Shield Against Negativity

Traditionally, people carry Bat Head Root Seeds as amulets or place them within their homes to repel negative energies, ill intentions, and even the effects of the “evil eye.” These seeds are believed to create a protective barrier, shielding the person or space from both spiritual and everyday harm.

The Seeds of Manifestation: Attracting Your Deepest Desires

Beyond protection, these enigmatic seed pods inspire rituals designed to manifest wishes and attract abundance. Focus intensely on your desires while holding a Bat Head Root Seed – legend says this can draw your dreams into reality. Whether seeking prosperity, love, healing, or other blessings, they become a focal point for intention and belief.

Rituals and Spiritual Uses: Connecting with Ancient Traditions

The exact ways Bat Head Root Seeds are utilized vary across cultures and spiritual paths. Some common practices include:

  • Meditation Aid: Holding a seed during meditation to enhance focus and clarity of intention.
  • Altars and Sacred Spaces: Positioning them on altars or within homes to create a sense of spiritual protection and power.
  • Spellwork and Charms: Incorporating them into spells, amulets, or mojo bags designed for protection or wish fulfillment.
  • Divination: Some traditions may use the seeds for divination purposes, seeking insights or guidance.

Benefits of Bat Head Root Seeds:

Evil Eye Protection:

  • The Evil Eye: Deflecting Malice with Bat Head Root Seeds

In many cultures, the “evil eye” casts a curse of jealousy and ill-intent, bringing misfortune. Bat Head Root Seeds shield you from this harmful energy.

  • Protective Talisman: Guard Against Negativity

Carry a Bat Head Root Seed or place it strategically within your home or workspace. This deflects ill intentions and repels the evil eye’s harmful effects. It forms a protective barrier, absorbing negativity before it can harm you.

Wish Manifestation:

  • Attracting Abundance: Bat Head Root Seeds are linked with attracting prosperity, abundance, and the manifestation of desires. This could involve material wealth, love, success, or the fulfillment of any heartfelt wish.
  • Focus and Intention: Rituals involving Bat Head Roots often center around setting clear intentions, visualizing goals, and actively working towards their manifestation. The root is seen as an amplifier of focused energy.

Spiritual Protection:

  • Energetic Shield: Just as the seed protects itself during growth, Bat Head Root Seeds are believed to create a protective shield around your aura and energy field. This safeguards your spirit from negative influences, psychic disturbances, and spiritual interference.
  • Safe Space: By cleansing your environment, Bat Head Roots can help create a sacred space for meditation, inner work, and spiritual exploration.

Healing Properties:

  • Emotional Well-being: Bat Head Root Seeds are associated with promoting inner peace, emotional balance, and resilience in the face of challenges. They may ease feelings of anxiety or negativity.
  • Inner Strength: Many believe these seeds foster courage, willpower, and the ability to overcome obstacles. They could act as a reminder of your inherent strength and potential.

Natural & Authentic:

  • Power of Nature: There’s an inherent appeal in using natural objects, like Bat Head Root Seeds, for spiritual and metaphysical purposes. It reflects a desire to connect with the inherent power and wisdom found in nature.
  • Ethical Considerations: Emphasizing the authentic, organic, and ethically sourced nature of your Bat Head Roots sets you apart and aligns with those who value sustainable practices.


  • Botanical Name: Martynia annua (also known as Devil’s Claw)
  • Common Names: Bat Head Root, Devil Pods, Evil Pods, Wood Devil, Kaknasa
  • Origin: [Specify where your seeds are sourced from]
  • Quantity: 11 pieces
  • Quality: 100% Genuine, Ethically Sourced, Adulteration-Free, Free from Harmful Chemicals/Pesticides
  • Appearance: Naturally formed seed pods with a distinctive bat-like shape
  • Uses: Protection, wish manifestation, spiritual rituals, healing practices

How to Use Bat Head Root Seeds:

Carry with you:

Keep one in your pocket or purse for on-the-go protection.

  • Discreet and Portable: The small size of Bat Head Root Seeds makes them easy to carry. Slip one into your pocket, purse, or bag for a constant shield against negative influences.
  • Everyday Defense: Whether commuting, running errands, or in social situations, consider the seed your energetic bodyguard. Feel a sense of reassurance knowing you’re protected.
  • Intentional Touch: Periodically touch the seed in your pocket to reaffirm its protective power and renew your intention for a shielded aura.

Place in your home:

Position them strategically to ward off negativity.

  • Energetic Entry Points: Place seeds near doorways, windows, or areas where you sense negativity might enter your home.
  • Corners and Focused Spaces: Consider placing a seed in each corner of a room to create a protective grid, or near electronics to mitigate potentially disruptive energy.
  • Altars and Sacred Spaces: If you have a meditation area or altar, Bat Head Root Seeds can enhance the space’s protective and purifying energy.


Hold a seed during meditation to amplify intention-setting.

  • Tactile Focus: The physical texture of the seed provides a grounding point for your attention during meditation.
  • Visual Aid: Gaze at the unique shape of the seed, allowing its powerful symbolism to inspire you as you set intentions.
  • Energetic Infusion: Imagine your intentions flowing into the seed, charging it to be a beacon of manifestation.


Incorporate them into spells and manifestation work.

  • Traditional Practices: Research their use in various spiritual traditions for inspiration on rituals or spells designed for protection, wish fulfillment, and attracting good fortune.
  • Personalized Rituals: Design your own rituals incorporating the seed. This could involve written affirmations, visualization, chanting, or other practices that resonate with you.
  • Amplified Intentions: The Bat Head Root becomes a potent symbol and focus point for manifesting your deepest desires.

Why Choose Our Bat Head Root Seeds (11 Pcs)?

100% Genuine & Ethically Sourced:

We guarantee the highest quality and authenticity.

  • Builds Trust: Customers want to know they’re getting the real deal, especially with metaphysical products. Emphasize the integrity of your sourcing process.
  • Ethical Appeal: Many consumers are conscious buyers. Highlight that your practices align with their values by using words like “ethically sourced”.
  • Quality Assurance: Stress that buyers receive seeds with the properties and potency they expect.

Potent Energy:

Each seed is carefully selected for maximum vibrational power.

  • Focus on results: This phrasing implies that the user will experience profound results from your seeds due to the care put into their selection.
  • Mystical Appeal: The term “vibrational power” hints at the metaphysical nature of the product, attracting those interested in spiritual practices.
  • Sets You Apart: It suggests that your seeds are more impactful than those from suppliers who don’t prioritize energetic quality.

Versatile Uses:

Perfect for a wide range of spiritual practices.

  • No Limitations: Assures the buyer that the seeds can be adapted to their individual needs and beliefs.
  • Wide Audience: Appeals to both beginners and experienced spiritual practitioners.
  • Promotes Exploration: Encourages customers to experiment with different uses.

Detailed Instructions Included:

Learn how to harness their full potential.

  • Beginner-friendly: Reduces the intimidation factor for those new to working with Bat Head Root Seeds.
  • Value-Added: Providing instructions is seen as excellent customer service.
  • Empowering: Suggests that the buyer will unlock the seeds’ true power through the knowledge you provide.

Unleash the Transformative Power of Bat Head Root Seeds

Experience the profound shift these mystical seeds can bring to your life. Order your 11-piece set today and embark on a journey of protection, manifestation, and spiritual empowerment.

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