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Premium Sesame Seeds for Pooja (तिल) – 100g – Purity and Devotion for Your Rituals

Elevate your pooja rituals with our premium quality sesame seeds (तिल). These carefully sourced, pure, and meticulously cleaned seeds are the perfect offering for a wide range of Hindu ceremonies and spiritual practices. Experience the essence of devotion with every offering.

The Significance of Sesame Seeds in Hindu Rituals

Symbol of Purity and Immortality

  • Mythological Origins: Hindu mythology tells a tale where drops of Lord Vishnu’s sweat fell to the earth and gave rise to the sesame plant. This divine origin infuses sesame seeds with an aura of purity and a connection to the everlasting.
  • Emblem of Immortality: Legend tells us that Lord Yama, the god of death, blessed sesame seeds. This blessing makes them a symbol of immortality. People offer these seeds to departed ancestors to ensure their eternal well-being.

  • Power over Impurity: Sesame seeds are believe to absorb spiritual purity and remove negativity. This quality makes them perfect for cleansing and purification rituals.

Offerings to Deities

  • Seeking Divine Favor: Sesame seeds are a favore offering to a multitude of Hindu gods and goddesses, particularly:
    • Lord Shiva: til, especially black ones, are closely associated with Lord Shiva and are offered during Shivaratri and other important Shaivite festivals.
    • Lord Vishnu: Sesame seeds hold significance in the worship of Lord Vishnu, embodying preservation and the sustenance of life.
    • Lord Yama: As the god of death and the underworld, offerings of sesame seeds to Lord Yama are believed to ease the passage of departed souls.
  • Blessings and Protection: Through the offering of sesame seeds, devotees seek various blessings such as prosperity, good health, spiritual growth, and protection from negative forces.

Homas and Havans

  • The Sacred Fire: Homas and Havans are sacred fire rituals at the heart of Hindu worship. Sesame seeds, often combined with rice and ghee, are a vital offering in these ceremonies.
  • Appeasing the Gods: Offering til seeds to the holy fire is believed to directly reach and satisfy the deities, invoking their blessings and goodwill.
  • Purification: Participants believe that burnin til sesame seeds in the fire purifies the surrounding atmosphere and cleanses their inner beings.

Ancestor Worship

  • Pitru Tarpanam: This important ritual involves offering til seeds mixed with water to the ancestors. This act is considered deeply nourishing for the departed souls.
  • Respect and Remembrance: Offering til seeds to ancestors signifies enduring respect, love, and a desire to provide for their needs in the afterlife.
  • Guiding the Soul: It’s believed that sesame seeds help create a pathway for departed souls to reach higher realms, aiding them in their journey towards liberation.

Why Choose Our Sesame Seeds for Pooja


The number one emphasis is on the purity of the seeds. This entails:

Finest Quality: Sourcing the best possible sesame seeds available.

Free from Adulteration: Guaranteeing that absolutely no impurities or foreign substances are mixed with the seeds.

Traditional Cleaning:

The process of cleaning and preparing the seeds adheres to traditional methods. This has implications of:

Preserving Sanctity: Implies respect for ritual practices and the spiritual significance of the offering.

Cultural Connection: Appeals to people who respect and value traditional ways of preparing offerings.


Suitable for diverse rituals, from:

Simple at-home poojas: Everyday devotional practices.

Elaborate homas: Larger, more ceremonial offerings.

Hygiene and Freshness:

Hygienic Packaging: Packaging that is safe for food products and helps retain freshness.

Protection: Ensures the seeds are uncontaminated and ready for sacred use.

Spiritual Understanding:

Commitment to Spirituality: The company demonstrates an awareness of the importance of offering pure ingredients for spiritual purposes.

Potential Benefits for the Customer

  • Peace of mind: Believers find reassurance during rituals knowing the sesame seeds they use are of the highest quality and prepared according to tradition.
  • Spiritual Satisfaction: The use of pure ingredients, prepared traditionally, enhances the feeling of offering something authentic and meaningful.
  • Trust: By emphasizing purity, tradition, and hygiene, the company builds trust with spiritually-minded customers.

How to Use Sesame Seeds in Pooja

Offer directly to deities:

Place sesame seeds in a small bowl or on a leaf as an offering

  • Purity and Simplicity: This is the most common and simple way to offer sesame seeds to deities.
  • Suitable Deities: This method is especially fitting for offerings to Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Lord Yama, and ancestors.
  • Presentation:
    • Small Bowl: Use a clean, preferably copper or silver bowl, to hold the sesame seeds and place it before the deity’s idol or image.
    • Leaf: Traditionally, a peepal leaf, betel leaf or banana leaf is used. Place a small quantity of sesame seeds in the center of the leaf and offer it.

Mix with rice and ghee:

Combine sesame seeds with uncooked rice and ghee for a potent offering during homas or havans

  • Homas and Havans: This mixture is commonly used in fire rituals as offerings to the sacred flame (Agni).
  • Symbolism:
    • Rice: Represents prosperity and nourishment.
    • Ghee: Symbolizes purity, clarity, and the act of surrender.
    • Sesame Seeds: Enhance the potency and auspiciousness of the offering.
  • Offering Technique: During the homa or havan, small portions of this mixture are offered to the fire while chanting specific mantras or prayers.

Prepare prasadam:

Use sesame seeds to create delicious prasadam recipes

  • Prasadam: Food that has been blessed as an offering to the deities and is then distributed among devotees.
  • Spiritual Significance: Devotees consume prasadam to receive divine blessings and grace.
  • Popular Recipes:
    • Til ke Ladoo: Sweet sesame seed balls often made with jaggery or sugar.
    • Til Chikki: A sweet and crunchy sesame seed brittle/bar.
    • Til Poli: A sweet flatbread with a sesame seed and jaggery filling.
    • Sesame Seed Rice: Savory rice preparation with roasted til seeds offering a nutty flavor.

Additional Benefits of Sesame Seeds

Rich in Nutrients

Sesame seeds, despite their small size, pack a powerful nutritional punch. Here’s a closer look at the key nutrients they provide:

  • Calcium: Essential for building and maintaining strong bones and teeth. til seeds are notably rich in calcium, making them a great option for anyone looking to boost their intake, especially those who are lactose intolerant or follow dairy-free diets.
  • Iron: Crucial for oxygen transport throughout the body. Getting enough iron is vital for energy levels and preventing anemia.
  • Magnesium: Supports various processes within the body including muscle function, blood sugar control, and nerve function.
  • Healthy Fats: Sesame seeds are a great source of unsaturated fats, which are beneficial for heart health and can aid in reducing inflammation.
  • Other Benefits: They also provide fiber for digestive health, B vitamins for energy metabolism, copper for red blood cell formation, and antioxidants with protective qualities.

Culinary Uses

Sesame seeds are incredibly versatile and can be easily incorporate into your diet in a multitude of ways:

  • Sprinkling Power: Sprinkle whole or toasted til seeds onto:

    • Salads: Adds a nutty flavor and satisfying crunch.
    • Rice Dishes: Enhances flavor and texture. Especially delicious in Asian-inspired recipes.
    • Desserts: A delightful topping for cookies, cakes, or even ice cream.
  • Tahini: This creamy paste made from ground til seeds is a staple in Middle Eastern cuisine. Use it for:

    • Hummus: The classic chickpea dip.
    • Baba Ganoush: A smoky eggplant dip.
    • Salad Dressings: Adds richness and a touch of nuttiness.
  • Sesame Oil: This aromatic oil is excellent for:

    • Stir-fries: Adds a lovely nutty flavor to Asian dishes.
    • Marinades and Sauces: Imparts depth and complexity to sauces for meats and vegetables.


  • Toasted vs. Raw: Toasting sesame seeds unlocks their full nutty flavor and aroma. Toast them lightly in a dry pan over medium heat.
  • Store properly: Keep sesame seeds in an airtight container in a cool, dry place to prevent rancidity.

Order Your Premium Quality Sesame Seeds Today

Experience the purity and devotion with our 100g pack of premium til seeds for pooja. Enhance your spiritual practices and elevate your rituals with these sacred offerings.

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