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1 litre, 500 ml



DARSHAN POWERPOINT sesame til oil is an essential element for sacred puja rituals. Derived from the finest quality sesame seeds, this pure and potent oil embodies the spiritual significance of light, wisdom, and devotion. Embrace the rich traditions of Hinduism and elevate your spiritual practices with DARSHAN POWERPOINT sesame til oil.

The Power of Sesame Til Oil in Hindu Traditions

Symbol of Immortality

  • Origin Myth: A central belief in Hindu mythology is that sesame seeds were born from drops of Lord Vishnu’s potent elixir of immortality (Amrita). As Vishnu is a preserver god associated with sustaining life, this connection imbues sesame seeds with an aura of eternal existence.
  • Spiritual Sustenance: Consequently, sesame seeds and til oil symbolize spiritual nourishment and the undying nature of the soul. Consuming them or using them in rituals is believed to promote spiritual well-being and offer blessings of longevity.

Offering to Ancestors (Shraddh)

  • Connection to the Departed: Sesame seeds and til oil are essential components of Shraddh rituals, ceremonies designed to honor deceased ancestors.
  • Ensuring Spiritual Sustenance: The act of offering food and items made from sesame during these rituals is seen as providing nourishment and comfort to the souls of the departed, ensuring their continued well-being in the afterlife.
  • Maintaining Bond: Shraddh rituals reaffirm familial bonds even beyond death, with sesame representing an enduring connection to one’s lineage and ancestors.

Lighting Diyas

  • Dispelling Darkness: In Hinduism, light is a powerful metaphor for knowledge, truth, and the divine. The pure flame of a diya (oil lamp) fueled by til oil symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, the overcoming of ignorance, and the banishing of negative energies.
  • Inner Illumination: The bright, unwavering flame of a til oil diya is believed to illuminate the inner self, promoting spiritual clarity and awakening one’s connection to the divine.
  • Attracting Blessings: As diyas are lit in temples, shrines, and homes, the use of sesame oil invites blessings of prosperity, wisdom, and auspiciousness into the space.

DARSHAN POWERPOINT: Sesame Til Oil Purity 

Finest Quality Sesame Seeds

  • Meticulous Sourcing: We handpick the finest sesame seeds, ensuring the purest, most potent til oil for your sacred rituals.
  • Purity and Excellence: Experience the unmatched quality of oil extracted from premium sesame seeds, elevating your devotional practices.
  • Sacred Rituals: Our dedication to quality mirrors your devotion, making this oil the ideal offering for your most meaningful pujas.

Traditional Extraction Methods

  • Preserved Essence: Traditional techniques gently release the sesame’s essence, capturing the subtle aroma and spiritual power prized in Hindu tradition.
  • Heritage and Authenticity: We honor time-tested methods, guaranteeing an authentic til oil that connects you with the heart of your spiritual practices.

Unrefined and Pure

  • Free from Additives: Experience the unadulterated purity of nature, a sacred offering free of chemicals or preservatives.
  • Authenticity Guarantee: This pure til oil embodies tradition, ensuring its suitability for even the most revered rituals.

Ideal for Puja Purposes

  • Highly Refined: Our refined til oil creates a clear, unwavering flame in your diyas, symbolizing unwavering devotion and spiritual illumination.
  • Specifically Designed: Crafted with puja rituals in mind, this oil burns long and bright, supporting your focused intentions.

Overall Message:

DARSHAN POWERPOINT sesame til oil is more than a product; it’s a bridge to your spiritual heritage. From seed to flame, we uphold the highest standards of quality and authenticity, empowering your rituals with purity and power.

Enhance Your Spiritual Practice with DARSHAN POWERPOINT Sesame Til Oil

A Brighter, More Radiant Flame

  • Visual Symbolism: The clarity, steadiness, and longevity of a til oil flame represent the unwavering focus of devotion. It visually embodies the overcoming of inner darkness and the sustained pursuit of spiritual light.
  • Tranquil Ambiance: A bright, consistent flame creates a sense of peace and stillness, aiding in concentration and fostering a meditative environment for puja.
  • Symbolic Power: This type of flame enhances the symbolism of the diya, amplifying the ritual’s power to invoke blessings and spiritual illumination.

A Soothing and Sacred Aroma

  • Enhanced Atmosphere: Sesame oil’s subtle fragrance creates a sacred space, distinct from the everyday. It signals the presence of the divine.
  • Meditative Aid: The gentle aroma promotes calm. It quiets the mind, allowing deeper focus on prayers, mantras, and intentions.
  • Traditional Connection: The scent itself links you to centuries of Hindu rituals, where sesame oil has been integral to devotional practices.

Deeper Connection with Rituals

  • Embracing Authenticity: Using traditional oil adds meaning and reverence to the ritual. It honors heritage and deepens your participation.
  • Spiritual Significance: Knowing each element of the puja is authentic enhances the sense of sacredness. This fosters a stronger connection to the ritual’s spiritual purpose.
  • Mindful Intention: Choosing pure til oil is a conscious act of devotion. It strengthens the bond between you and your spiritual practice.

Overall: These benefits highlight how DARSHAN POWERPOINT sesame til oil goes beyond mere functionality. It aids in creating a holistically enriching experience during puja rituals, promoting a sense of peace, spiritual connection, and a heightened awareness of traditions.

Sesame Til Oil Specifications

  • Ingredients: 100% pure sesame (til) oil, vegetable oil, base oil
  • Purpose: Exclusively for puja rituals
  • Quantity: Available in various sizes
  • Packaging: Bottle
  • Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight

Experience the transformative power of DARSHAN POWERPOINT sesame til oil. Order yours today and illuminate your path towards spiritual radiance!

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