Brass/Pital Spiritual Forehead Teeka Tilak Applicator/Stamp Tool Puja for Daily Usage and Occasionally for Men and Women (Pack of 2)

  • Package Contents – 1 Trishul Tika Stamp and 1Om Tika Stamp. Material- Metal – Size 2 cms approx

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 2 cm


Discover the Beauty and Convenience of Applying a Shiv Tilak

Enhance your spiritual practice and express your devotion with our exquisite Shiv Tilak applicators. These beautiful tools simplify the traditional ritual of applying chandan or kumkum tilak, offering a precise and mess-free experience. Whether for daily puja or special occasions, these applicators will add reverence and beauty to your rituals.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Intricate Symbolism, Beautiful Craftsmanship: Choose between the powerful Trishul, symbolizing Lord Shiva’s triumph over challenges, or the sacred Om, representing universal consciousness and inner connection. Each design is carefully etched into the gleaming brass/pital.

  • Precision Without the Mess: Forget smudges! These applicators transfer chandan or kumkum paste onto your forehead with crisp, clean lines for a beautiful tilak every time.

  • Gentle for Daily Use: The skin-safe copper construction ensures comfort and suitability for all skin types, making it easy to incorporate this ritual into your everyday routine.

  • Style with Spiritual Flair: Enhance your traditional attire or add subtle spiritual symbolism to everyday outfits. Perfect for weddings, festivals, or whenever you seek a deeper connection to your traditions.

  • Rituals Made Easy: Whether for daily puja or special occasions, these applicators simplify the tilak process. Experience the satisfaction of a perfect application and elevate your spiritual practice.

  • Protection & Auspicious Energy: In Hindu belief, a tilak applied with reverence can shield the wearer from negativity and invite positive vibrations. Feel the blessings flow with each application.

Experience the Difference – Traditional Significance, Modern Touch

In Hinduism, applying a tilak on the forehead holds deep meaning and offers potential spiritual benefits. It’s associated with:

  • Opening the Third Eye: The tilak is placed at the Ajna Chakra (between the eyebrows), a point believed to hold intuition, spiritual awareness, and inner wisdom. Its application may help awaken this center.

  • Divine Connection: Traditionally, the tilak signifies devotion and may be viewed as a way to honor deities and invite blessings of protection, guidance, and positive energy.

  • Purification: The materials used, like chandan or kumkum, often hold purifying symbolism. The tilak can represent spiritual cleansing, removing negativity and promoting inner clarity.

  • Focus and Concentration: The act of applying a tilak can be a mindful gesture, helping to center oneself and bring focused intention to prayers, rituals, and spiritual practices.

How to Use Your Shiv Tilak Applicators

Our applicators simplify this sacred ritual, ensuring precision and convenience:

  1. Prepare Your Paste: Combine chandan (sandalwood) or roli kumkum (vermillion) with water to create a slightly thick paste.

  2. Choose Your Design: Select the Trishul (representing Lord Shiva’s protection) or the Om (symbolizing universal consciousness and divine connection).

  3. Coat the Applicator: Dip your chosen applicator into the paste, ensuring a thin, even layer on the design.

  4. Apply with Reverence: Gently press the applicator onto the center of your forehead, between your eyebrows.

  5. Admire and Connect: Appreciate the sacred design and allow its auspicious energy to guide your spiritual intentions.

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Brass/Pital Trishul Tika Stamp: This exquisitely crafted stamp features the three-pronged trident of Lord Shiva, a powerful symbol of protection, strength, and overcoming obstacles within Hindu traditions.

  • 1 x Brass/Pital Om Tika Stamp: Beautifully designed with the sacred Om symbol, representing the primordial sound of the universe, divine connection, and spiritual enlightenment within Hindu traditions.

Perfect for Spiritual Seekers and Devotees

Our applicators make a thoughtful gift for yourself or loved ones who respect Hindu traditions or find meaning in spiritual practices. They’re especially ideal for:

  • Daily Puja Practitioners: Individuals who prioritize daily rituals within their spiritual path.
  • Mess-Conscious Individuals: Anyone seeking a mess-free tilak application experience.
  • Those Devoted to Lord Shiva: Individuals with a deep connection to Lord Shiva and Hindu symbolism.
  • Spiritual Enthusiasts: Those who resonate with the Om symbol and its significance.
  • Style-Savvy Seekers: Anyone who wants to incorporate traditional elements into their attire, celebrating spiritual expression.

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