Pital Brass Small Lota Lotiya Kalash for Pooja((5x5x6) cm)

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Small size lota

  • This type lotas has been used for pujas, hawans for centuries.</span></li>

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 6 cm


Pital Brass Small Lota Lotiya Kalash for Pooja (5x5x6 cm) – Authentic Indian Rituals

Embrace the essence of Indian spirituality with our exquisite Pital Brass Small Lota Lotiya Kalash (5x5x6 cm). Crafted with the utmost dedication to tradition and quality, this sacred vessel is an indispensable element for your poojas, rituals, and everyday spiritual practices.

Understanding the Lota in Indian Culture

Symbol of Purity: In Hindu Traditions Lota

  • Cleansing of the Tripartite Being: The lota represents the purification of the three aspects of our existence—body, mind, and soul. Rituals involving the lota symbolize washing away impurities on all these levels.
  • The Sanctity of Water: Water itself is held as sacred in Hinduism, representing life and a purifying force. The lota becomes the vessel that holds this sacred element.
  • Connection to the Divine: The lota’s design, often echoing the natural forms of gourds or fruits, symbolizes fertility and abundance. This connects it to divine sources of nourishment and the cyclical nature of existence.

Versatile Ritual Lota

  • Poojas: Central to daily and elaborate pooja ceremonies, the lota is used for:
    • Offerings to deities (water, milk, flowers)
    • Ritual bathing of deities (Abhishekam)
    • Drinking sacred water as ‘tirtha’ (spiritual blessing)
  • Havans: In fire rituals, the lota holds water to sprinkle over the sacred fire or to offer to participants for ritual purification.
  • Weddings: The lota plays a role in wedding rituals, symbolizing the union of two souls and blessings for the new household.
  • Housewarming Blessings: A new home is purified and blessed with offerings of water from the lota.

Spiritual Significance of Lota

  • Ganga Jalam:People often store holy water from the Ganges River in lotas, believing in its immense purifying power. They use this water to remove negativity and grant spiritual upliftment.
  • Blessings and Prosperity: The lota, especially when made of precious materials like copper, silver, or gold, represents abundance and attracts divine blessings into a home.
  • Spiritual Elevation: The act of using a lota in rituals fosters mindfulness and devotion, creating a pathway for spiritual upliftment and connection with the divine.

Material of usinf Lota

  • Composition: Pital Brass (an alloy of copper and zinc)
  • Ayurvedic Significance: Brass is valued in Ayurveda for its purifying properties and potential health benefits.
  • Appearance: Golden yellow color with a natural luster.

Dimensions of Lota

  • Size: 5cm x 5cm x 6cm (These dimensions indicate a small, compact lota)
  • Capacity: Approximate capacity may vary depending on the exact shape, but a small lota typically holds a small volume of liquid.

Design of Lota

  • Shape: Traditional lota shapes can be slightly rounded, with a narrower neck and flared rim. Some kalash may feature a more pronounced spout.
  • Embellishments:
    • Plain: A simple, elegant design for those who prefer minimalism.
    • Engravings: May feature delicate etchings of deities, sacred symbols (like an Om), or floral patterns.
    • Embossing: Raised patterns or motifs add a textural element.

The Benefits of Pital Brass Lota

Ayurvedic Properties 

  • Ancient Wisdom: Ayurveda, one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems, originated in India thousands of years ago. It recognizes the healing properties of metals like copper and zinc.
  • Balancing the Doshas: According to Ayurveda, brass helps balance the three doshas (vata, pitta, kapha) which are vital energies in the body. An imbalance in these doshas can lead to various ailments. Brass is believed to pacify excess pitta (fire element) and increase vata (air element).
  • Water Purification: Storing water in a brass lota is said to infuse it with subtle healing properties. Brass has oligodynamic qualities, where trace amounts of copper and zinc may have a purifying effect on the water.
  • Supporting Overall Wellness: Ayurvedic texts suggest that water stored in brass vessels may improve digestion, boost immunity, and promote overall health and well-being.

Durability and Longevity

  • Enduring Legacy: Brass is a strong and resilient alloy that resists corrosion and tarnishing with minimal maintenance. Your lota can become a treasured heirloom passed down through generations.
  • Timeless Quality: Unlike fragile materials, a well-crafted brass lota can withstand daily use within your spiritual practices for many years to come.
  • Investment in Tradition: A Pital brass lota is an investment in both your spiritual life and in preserving the craftsmanship of traditional Indian artisans.

Auspicious Aura 

  • Symbol of Light and Prosperity: The golden radiance of brass is often associated with the sun, symbolizing warmth, light, and positive energy.
  • Divine Connection: In Hindu traditions, gold is considered a sacred metal connected with deities like Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Brass, with its golden hue, shares a similar auspiciousness.
  • Enhancing Sacred Spaces: The presence of a brass lota within your home temple or during rituals is believed to create an atmosphere of purity, devotion, and divine blessings.

Our Pital Brass Small Lota

Traditional Craftsmanship 

  • The Legacy of Artisanal Skill: This Pital Brass Small Lota is a testament to the enduring artistry of India’s skilled metalworkers. Its creation involves techniques passed down through generations, ensuring each piece is infused with cultural heritage and a unique touch.
  • Handmade Imperfections: Embrace the subtle variations and minor marks that come with handcrafted items. These are not flaws but rather signs of authenticity, making your lota one-of-a-kind.
  • Supporting Local Communities: By choosing a handcrafted lota, you directly support the livelihoods of traditional artisans and contribute to the preservation of their valuable craft.

Ideal Size of Lota

  • Personal and Portable: The compact dimensions (5x5x6 cm) of it make it exceptionally versatile. It’s the perfect size for personal worship rituals and intimate poojas within your home temple.
  • Space Conscious: Its smaller footprint allows for convenient storage and effortless integration into even modest-sized sacred spaces.
  • The Power of Small: Don’t underestimate the spiritual significance . It holds just as much sanctity and symbolism as its larger counterparts, making it a beautiful representation of focused devotion.

Intricate Designs

  • Symbols and Stories: The delicate engravings or motifs adorning may depict auspicious symbols, scenes from Hindu mythology, or intricate floral patterns. Each design holds meaning and adds a layer of depth to its beauty.
  • Enhanced Ritual Experience: The visual appeal of the engravings elevates your rituals. They provide a focal point for meditation and create an atmosphere of reverence.
  • A Piece of Art: Your lota transcends mere functionality, becoming a decorative element within your home that showcases your spiritual and aesthetic sensibilities.

Easy Maintenance

  • Enduring Beauty: The natural properties of brass ensure your lota will maintain its golden gleam with minimal effort. Its resistance to tarnish means fewer hours spent polishing and more time dedicated to your spiritual practices.
  • Simple Cleaning: Occasional cleaning with a gentle lemon solution or a specialized brass polish will keep your lota looking its best.
  • Longevity as a Value: The easy maintenance of brass makes this lota an investment piece.

How to Use Your Lota

Poojas and Abhishekams

  • Deity Worship: Abhishekams are a central part of many poojas, where deities are ritually bath as an act of reverence and purification. Fill the lota with holy water (often from the Ganges), milk, or a combination of sacred liquids and gently pour over the murti (idol) of the deity while chanting mantras.
  • Sacred Offerings: After the Abhishekam, devotees use to offer libations, placing holy water, flowers, kumkum (vermillion), or prasadam within it as a symbol of surrendering their devotion and seeking the blessings of the divine.


  • Expressions of Devotion: Beyond poojas,  is a versatile way to make daily offerings to the deities in your home temple. Simply fill with fresh water. A few flower petals, or a small portion of prasadam as a heartfelt gesture of respect and gratitude.
  • Ancestral Offerings: In some Hindu traditions, a fill with water is offer to ancestors as a way to honor their memory and seek their guidance.

Meditation and Pranayama

  • Neti Kriya: A traditional yogic cleansing practice for the nasal passages, Neti Kriya utilizes a specially designed ‘neti pot’. However, a small brass lota can be use for similar purposes, aiding in clearing the sinuses and enhancing breathing for meditation.
  • Breath Control: During specific pranayama exercises, like Nadi Shodhana (alternate nostril breathing). It can be use to regulate water flow from one nostril to the other.

Home Decor

  • Symbol of Spirituality: Even when not in active use, this beautifully crafted Pital Brass  serves as a poignant symbol of your spiritual beliefs. Display it prominently in your home temple or on a special altar.
  • Cultural Touch: The lota adds an authentic Indian aesthetic to your home. Its presence highlights an appreciation of ancient traditions and your connection to your cultural heritage.

Experience the Power of Tradition Lota

Elevate your spiritual journey with our Pital Brass Small Lota Lotiya Kalash. Order yours today and let its sacred energy fill your home and heart with peace and blessings.

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