Sri Chakra Sacred Hindu Geometry Yantram Ancient Vedic Tantra Scriptures Sree Sampurna Sarva Kashta Nivaran Maha Puja Yantra for Removal of Obstacles, Wish Fulfillment, Home/Wall Decor

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Weight 32 g
Dimensions 8.5 × 8.5 cm


Panchadhatu Sri Chakra Yantra: Sacred Geometric Yantra for Prosperity & Protection

Are you seeking a powerful tool to overcome challenges, manifest your desires, and attract prosperity? The Sri Chakra Yantra, a sacred geometric symbol steeped in ancient Hindu wisdom, holds the keys to unlocking your full potential. This exquisite Panchadhatu yantra is meticulously crafted to amplify the Sri Chakra’s blessings, offering you:

Obstacle Removal (Sarva Kashta Nivaran):

  • Dissolving stubborn barriers: The Sri Chakra Yantra’s potent energy works to clear deep-seated obstacles that have been hindering your progress. Whether these blockages are internal (self-doubt, limiting beliefs) or external (difficult circumstances, challenging people), the yantra assists in their removal.
  • Opening new pathways: As old patterns and hindrances fade away, new opportunities and unexpected solutions begin to emerge. You’ll experience greater clarity, renewed motivation, and a sense of flow in areas where you previously felt stuck.
  • Resilience in the face of challenges: The Sri Chakra Yantra can bolster your inner strength and resilience, allowing you to navigate setbacks with greater ease and a renewed determination to reach your goals.

Wish Fulfillment:

  • Clarity of desires: The yantra helps you connect with your deepest aspirations. By bringing clarity to your heart’s desires, you’ll gain a focused direction for manifesting your dreams into reality.
  • Alignment with abundance: The Sri Chakra Yantra works to align your mind and energy field with the vibration of abundance. This helps to attract resources, opportunities, and supportive people needed to manifest your desires.
  • Inspired action: With a clear vision and an empowered spirit, you’ll feel motivated and inspired to take the necessary steps towards bringing your desires to fruition.

Abundance and Prosperity:

  • Expanding your capacity: The yantra attunes you to the limitless abundance of the universe, dissolving beliefs of scarcity or lack. You begin to recognize the limitless possibilities that surround you.
  • Attracting opportunities: As your vibration shifts, you become a magnet for auspicious circumstances, fortunate connections, and unexpected financial gains.
  • Flow and ease: The Sri Chakra Yantra helps you align with a natural sense of flow, where resources and wealth come to you with greater ease and synchronicity.

Protection from Negativity:

  • Energetic shield: The yantra’s sacred geometry creates a protective shield around you, deflecting negative energies, harmful intentions, and psychic disturbances.
  • Inner peace and clarity: By shielding you from external negativity, you’ll experience increased peace of mind, sharper focus, and a stronger connection to your inner guidance.
  • A sense of security: The yantra’s protective energy fosters a feeling of safety and well-being, allowing you to move through the world with greater confidence.

Spiritual Enhancement:

  • Deepening your meditative practice: The intricate patterns of the yantra serve as a powerful focal point for meditation, helping you still the mind and tap into deeper states of consciousness.
  • Connection to the Divine: The yantra acts as a conduit to the Divine, enhancing your sense of connection to a higher power and the infinite source of love and support.
  • Accelerated spiritual growth: With regular use, the yantra can unlock new levels of awareness, accelerate your spiritual growth, and illuminate your path towards self-realization.

Beautiful Home/Wall Décor

  • Sacred ambiance: The Sri Chakra Yantra’s presence infuses your space with sacred energy, creating a sanctuary of peace and uplifting vibrations.
  • Aesthetic beauty: The yantra’s intricate design adds a touch of timeless elegance and spiritual symbolism to any room.
  • Constant reminder: The yantra serves as a visual reminder of your infinite potential, inspiring you to live each day with greater purpose and alignment.

The Sri Chakra: A Symbol of Immense Power

The Sri Chakra Yantra is revered as one of the most potent yantras in existence. Its complex geometry represents the cosmos, the Divine Mother (Goddess Lakshmi), and the intricate workings of the universe. Composed of interlocked triangles and circles within a square frame, it embodies the perfect balance of masculine and feminine energies.

Benefits of the Sri Chakra Yantra

Attracts wealth and material blessings:

Imagine a life where financial worries fade away. The Sri Chakra Yantra helps align you with the flow of abundance, opening doors to new opportunities and unexpected sources of income. Experience greater financial stability and the freedom to pursue your passions without material constraints.

Removes obstacles and challenges:

Feel stubborn blockages and frustrating setbacks dissolve as the yantra’s energy clears the path for success. Whether it’s a difficult project, a strained relationship, or a persistent health issue, the Sri Chakra Yantra helps you overcome obstacles with newfound strength and determination.

Fulfills desires and aspirations:

Tap into the power of manifestation! The Sri Chakra Yantra amplifies your intentions, bringing clarity to your heart’s desires. Witness your dreams unfold as the yantra’s energy aligns you with the resources and support needed to achieve your goals.

Promotes spiritual growth and enlightenment:

Discover a deeper connection to the Divine and unlock your inner wisdom. The Sri Chakra Yantra guides you on a transformative spiritual journey, accelerating your growth, and leading you to a state of profound inner peace and self-understanding.

Enhances meditation and inner peace:

Silence the chatter of the mind and tap into a deep stillness within. Meditating with the Sri Chakra Yantra allows you to transcend the noise of daily life and connect with your true essence, experiencing profound tranquility and a sense of wholeness.

Offers protection from negativity:

Create a shield of light and positivity around you. The Sri Chakra Yantra’s potent energy dispels harmful influences, lower vibrations, and psychic disturbances. Feel safe, protected, and supported as you navigate life’s complexities.

Creates a harmonious and sacred space:

Transform your home or chosen space into a sanctuary of peace and positive energy. The yantra’s presence elevates the vibrations of your surroundings, fostering harmony, inspiration, and a deep sense of well-being for you and those who share the space.

The Power of Panchadhatu

This Sri Chakra Yantra is crafted from Panchadhatu, an auspicious alloy of five metals (gold, silver, copper, zinc, and iron). Panchadhatu is believed to amplify the yantra’s energy, attracting positive vibrations and enhancing its protective qualities.

Perfect for Your Home, Office, or Meditation Space

The Sri Chakra Yantra is ideal for:

  • Pooja Ghar (Prayer Room): Establish a sacred altar where you can perform daily worship and offerings to the yantra.
  • Wallet or Purse: Carry a smaller version to attract wealth and abundance on the go.
  • Cash Counter or Business Space: Promote prosperity and success in your financial endeavors.
  • Meditation Room: Utilize the yantra’s powerful energy to deepen your meditation practice and connect to your higher self.
  • Wall Decor: Enhance any room with its beautiful design and sacred energy.

How to Use the Sri Chakra Yantra

  1. Purification: Cleanse the yantra with water and incense before use.
  2. Placement: Locate the yantra in a sacred or prominent place.
  3. Intention Setting: Clearly visualize your desires and express gratitude for the yantra’s blessings.
  4. Daily Worship: Offer flowers, incense, and devotional prayers to the yantra.
  5. Meditation: Gaze at the yantra’s intricate patterns to quiet your mind and connect with the Divine.

Experience the Transformative Power of the Sri Chakra Yantra

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