Shri Surya Puran Book (Bambai Aksharo Me Mudrit) (Book Size – 25*19 Cm) Hardcover | Surya Puraan ( सूर्य पुराण )

  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Anand Prakashan 
  • Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 300 pages
  • Reading age ‏ : ‎ 10 years and up
  • Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ India


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Experience the Divine Power of Surya: Shri Surya Puran Book (Bambai Aksharo Me Mudrit)

The Shri Surya Puran is an essential scripture in Hinduism, meticulously detailing the stories, symbolism, and worship practices associated with Lord Surya, the resplendent Sun God. This particular edition, printed in the clear and beautiful Bambai Aksharo Me Mudrit script, offers a captivating reading experience for devotees and those seeking to understand the rich tapestry of Hindu mythology.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Uncover the Legends of Lord Surya: Delve into the sacred tales of Surya, tracing his origins, his celestial chariot, his family, and his profound impact on the cosmos and human life.
  • Immerse in Authentic Script: The Bambai Aksharo Me Mudrit font ensures a clear and traditional reading experience, making this edition of the Surya Puran a treasured addition to your devotional library.
  • Spiritual Growth and Guidance: Gain insights into the rituals, mantras, and practices associated with propitiating Surya, potentially cultivating blessings of health, vitality, and spiritual radiance.
  • Comprehensive and Informative: This 300-page hardcover edition from Anand Prakashan provides a well-rounded exploration of Surya’s significance within Hinduism.
  • Perfect Gift: Delight a loved one interested in Hindu spirituality, mythology, or devotional practices with this beautifully crafted Shri Surya Puran.

The Significance of Lord Surya in Hinduism

In the intricate tapestry of Hindu deities, Surya, the Sun God, holds a place of extraordinary reverence. His significance stems from his embodiment of fundamental forces within the cosmos and profound connections to the human experience.

Surya as the Life-Giver

  • The Source of Sustenance: Surya’s radiant energy nurtures all life on Earth. His light initiates photosynthesis in plants, driving the food chain that sustains all living beings. Warmth from his rays makes life comfortable and habitable.
  • Symbol of Cyclical Renewal: Surya’s daily journey across the sky—from dawn’s first light to the descent of dusk—symbolizes the rhythm of birth, life, and death. He heralds a new day with each sunrise, representing the eternal cycle of existence.

Sury as Light and Dispeller of Darkness

  • The Embodiment of Divine Light: Surya is the most visible manifestation of divine light in the physical world. This light symbolizes knowledge, truth, and the dispelling of ignorance and illusion.
  • Conqueror of Darkness: Both literally and metaphorically, Surya banishes darkness. He is associate with overcoming inner negativity, spiritual blindness, and the forces of evil.

Surya, Consciousness, and Time

  • The Inner Sun: Surya is often equate with the “Atman,” the inner self or soul. Just as Surya illuminates the outer world, the Atman is the source of inner illumination and consciousness.
  • The Cosmic Timekeeper: Surya’s meticulous movement through the sky marks the passage of time—days, months, and seasons. He is a constant reminder of the flow of time, the impermanence of existence, and the importance of utilizing time wisely.

Key Stories and Legends from the Shri Surya Puran

  • Surya’s Origins: The Surya Puran offers several variations on the creation myths of Surya. In one prominent tale, he is born from an egg fashioned by Vishwakarma, the celestial architect. Other versions describe him as the son of Aditi and Kashyapa, two powerful deities.

  • The Celestial Chariot and Steeds: One of the most iconic images associated with Surya is his magnificent chariot. Pulled by seven divine horses representing the days of the week (or the colors of the rainbow), this chariot traverses the heavens. Aruna, the personification of dawn, acts as Surya’s charioteer.

  • Surya’s Children: Surya has several notable children, each embodying profound aspects of existence:

    • Shani: The god of Saturn, Shani is associated with justice, discipline, and the consequences of actions.
    • Yama: The lord of death and judgment, Yama determines the destiny of souls after death.
    • Yami (or Yamuna): The goddess of the sacred Yamuna river, Yami is often depicted as Yama’s twin sister.
  • Interactions with Gods and Mortals: The Surya Puran is filled with tales of Surya’s encounters with other figures in Hindu mythology:

    • Kunti’s Boon: Surya grants the maiden Kunti a powerful boon, leading to the birth of Karna, a central figure in the Mahabharata epic.
    • Surya and Lord Shiva: There are stories of Surya worshipping Shiva, highlighting the multifaceted nature of divinity within Hinduism.
    • Mortals seeking Blessings: Surya frequently bestows blessings upon devout mortals, granting health, prosperity, or spiritual advancement.

Worship of Surya and Rituals in the Surya Puran

The Surya Puran offers a rich tapestry of practices for honoring and propitiating Lord Surya, ranging from simple daily offerings to elaborate festivals.

Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations):

This dynamic sequence of yogic postures is a core element of Surya worship. It combines physical movement, breath control (pranayama), and often the recitation of mantras dedicated to Surya. Surya Namaskar is said to bestow vitality, improve health, and cultivate a focused mind.

Surya Mantras:

The Surya Puran provides numerous sacred mantras dedicated to Surya. Here are a few prominent examples:

  • Gayatri Mantra: “Om Bhur Bhuvaḥ Swaḥ Tat Savitur Varenyam Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi Dhiyo Yo Naḥ Prachodayat” (A universal prayer invoking the divine light of Savitr, a form of Surya)
  • Surya Beej Mantra: “Om Hraam Hreem Hroum Sah Suryaya Namah” (A potent seed mantra embodying the essence of Surya)
  • Aditya Hridayam: A powerful stotra (hymn) extolling the virtues of Surya, often recited for protection and victory.

Festivals and Auspicious Days:

Several Hindu festivals center around Surya worship:

  • Rath Saptami: Celebrates Surya’s birthday and the power of the Sun’s rays.
  • Makar Sankranti: Marks the Sun’s transition into Capricorn, a time for harvest and thanksgiving.
  • Chhath Puja: A multi-day festival of rigorous fasting and offerings to Surya, especially popular in northern India.
  • Sundays: Considered auspicious for Surya worship, often observed with fasting or special prayers.

Benefits of Surya Worship:

The Surya Puran extols numerous benefits associated with reverence for Surya, including:

  • Health and Vitality: Surya is invoked as a bestower of good health, strong eyesight, and freedom from disease.
  • Prosperity and Abundance: Surya can bless devotees with material well-being and remove obstacles to success.
  • Spiritual Illumination: Worship of Surya helps dispel inner darkness, cultivate self-awareness, and bring one closer to the divine light.
  • Protection: Surya is believed to offer protection from negative energies and ill-intentioned forces.

Important Note: The Surya Puran often outlines specific procedures, timings, and offerings involved in Surya rituals. It’s advisable to consult with a knowledgeable priest or spiritual guide for detailed instructions.

The Beauty of the Bambai Aksharo Me Mudrit Edition

The Bambai Aksharo Me Mudrit edition of the Shri Surya Puran offers a reading experience that combines clarity, tradition, and enduring quality:

  • Clarity and Visual Appeal: The Bambai Aksharo Me Mudrit script is renowned for its elegant and well-defined forms. The letters possess a distinct clarity making it easier to read for extended periods while also offering a pleasing aesthetic that honors the sacredness of the text.

  • A Familiar Script: For those well-versed in Devanagari, the script used in many Hindu religious texts, the Bambai Aksharo Me Mudrit edition provides a comfortable and familiar reading experience. This makes it an ideal choice for individuals accustomed to reading scriptures and devotional texts in this script.

  • Hardcover Durability: The hardcover format of this edition ensures its longevity. It provides superior protection for the pages, safeguarding the wisdom of the Surya Puran for years to come. This makes it a valuable investment for those wishing to create a lasting devotional library.


  • Publisher: Anand Prakashan
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Page Count: 300 pages
  • Target Reading Age: 10 years and up
  • Country of Origin: India

The Bambai Aksharo Me Mudrit edition is a testament to the careful preservation of traditional printing methods. It offers a reading experience that is both beautiful and practical, making it a cherished addition to any collection of Hindu scriptures.

Enhance your Surya worship with this sacred text. Order the beautiful Bambai Aksharo Me Mudrit edition of the Surya Puran now!

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