Tortoise Plate for Vastu Feng Sui kachua Yantra for Good Luck,Metal Feng Shui Tortoise On Plate Showpiece for Good Luck Turtle Vastu Gift for Career and Luck Home Decoration

Theme: Wedding
Brand: KridayKraft
Colour: Gold
Style: Antique
Material: Metal
Occasion: Housewarming
Cartoon Character: Turtle
Room Type: Office
Number of Pieces: 1
Finish Type: Gold Plated

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Attract Wealth, Success, & Longevity with the Tortoise Plate for Vastu Feng Shui

Enhance your home or office with this exquisite Metal Feng Shui Tortoise Plate. Symbolizing stability, longevity, and wish fulfillment, this beautiful showpiece is crafted for good luck, career success, and home harmony.

Key Features:

Vastu & Feng Shui Alignment:

Designed to attract positive energy, wealth, and protection.

  • The Power of Design: Delve into the fascinating history of Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui. Explain how they analyze the flow of energy within spaces and offer principles to create environments promoting well-being.
  • Beyond Beauty: Stress that your Tortoise Plate isn’t merely a decorative item. It’s a tool designed with the express purpose of influencing its surroundings according to these ancient traditions.

Qi/Prana: The Vital Life Force

  • Demystify the Concept: Break down the concepts of Qi (or Chi) in Feng Shui and Prana in Vastu Shastra. Describe them as the unseen, ever-present life energy that flows through all things.
  • Healthy Flow:Vastu and Feng Shui aim to remove blockages to this flow and encourage its positive circulation—key for overall well-being, prosperity, and happiness.

Intentional Design for Well-being

  • Crafted with Purpose: Emphasize that your Tortoise Plate is not a random object, but carefully designed with specific symbolic elements and placement recommendations to enhance its effects.
  • Invitation for Positivity: Frame it as a conscious decision to invite abundance, protection, and good health into a home or workplace.

Symbol of Longevity:

The Tortoise Embodies a Long, Fulfilling Life

  • Wisdom of the Tortoise: Share a few fascinating facts about tortoise lifespans to cement their association with longevity. Connect this to a desire for a life filled with good health and lasting blessings.
  • Groundedness & Endurance: Emphasize the tortoise’s slow, unwavering pace – a reminder to stay focused on goals and overcome challenges with resilience.
  • Legacy of Well-being: Potential of this object to represent a wish for a long, fulfilling life, not just for the recipient, but for future generations who may inherit it.

Protection & Peace of Mind

  • The Shell’s Significance: Likening the tortoise’s shell to a shield, suggest a comforting sense of safety and energetic protection for the home or the individual.
  • Banishing Negativity: This symbolism can help create a sense of sanctuary, where negative influences are deflected, allowing peace of mind.

The Perfect Gift

  • Well Wishes Made Tangible: Frame your Tortoise Plate as a way to go beyond generic gifts. It symbolizes specific hopes for the recipient’s happiness, success, and overall well-being.
  • Universally Resonant: People from all walks of life can appreciate the desire for a good life, making this a thoughtful and fitting choice for diverse occasions.

Premium Quality

  • Tangible Value: The quality of your chosen metal and the care put into its elegant gold-plated finish. Tie this back to the idea of a lasting, cherished item.
  • Aesthetics Matter: Emphasize how the visual beauty adds enjoyment and complements any space, further amplifying its positive effects.


  • Materials: Brass tortoise, glass plate for holding water
  • Dimensions:
    • Tortoise: 5 cm (H) x 8 cm (W) x 4 cm (D) [2 in (H) x 3 in (W) x 1.5 in (D)]
    • Plate: 10 cm diameter x 2 cm depth [4 in diameter x 0.75 in depth]
  • Weight: Approximately 500 grams [1.1 lbs]
  • Finish: Hand-polished brass with antique finish.
  • Craftsmanship: Handmade by skilled artisans.
  • Origin: Rajasthan, India
  • Symbolism: In Vastu and Feng Shui, the tortoise embodies longevity, stability, wealth, and protection.

Placement Tips:

Southeast Wealth Sector: Boosts financial prosperity

  • Unlock Your Wealth Potential: The southeast corner of your home holds the key to financial abundance. Activate this powerful area with the Tortoise Plate to amplify your existing resources and attract lucrative opportunities.
  • Manifest Your Financial Dreams: Whether you’re saving for a dream goal, investing for the future, or aiming to skyrocket your income, this placement helps you take focused action and create lasting prosperity.

Under Bed: Promotes restful sleep

  • Banish Restless Nights: Worries and negative energies can sabotage your sleep. Let the tortoise’s grounding energy offer you a sense of deep calm and protection for a truly restorative night’s rest.
  • Neutralize Disruptive Energies: Ancient wisdom suggests negative earth energies can disrupt sleep in certain areas. The Tortoise Plate helps counter these influences, creating a sanctuary for peaceful slumber.
  • Recharge for Success: Quality sleep is essential for peak performance. Wake up refreshed, mentally sharp, and ready to conquer your day!

Work Desk: Enhances career growth and recognition

  • Fuel Your Ambition: Bring the tortoise’s steady determination to your work. Boost your focus, attract recognition, and clear obstacles on your path to career success.
  • Your Feng Shui Success Tool: Your desk is your career command center. Strengthen its energy with the Tortoise Plate and pave the way for exciting professional advancements.

East Sector: Cultivates a healthy, peaceful home

  • Harmony Starts at Home: Nurture loving family bonds and overall well-being in the heart of your home. Place the Tortoise Plate in the east sector to promote positive energy, understanding, and a peaceful atmosphere.
  • Foundation for Happiness: A harmonious home supports the happiness and success of everyone within it. Create a thriving, joyful environment with this powerful Vastu remedy.

Transform Your Space, Transform Your Luck: Enhance your home or office with this beautiful Feng Shui Tortoise Plate. Experience improved career prospects, financial abundance, and a harmonious living environment.

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