Mandir Pooja Thali Brass with 2 Katori, Glass, 1 Spoon for Home Navratri Temple Use (Golden) Pack of 1

  • Material: Brass; Item: Pooja Thali
  • It Is Used On The Occasion Of Diwali, Raksha Bandhan & Other Festive Season. Also Use As A Best Wedding And Other Small Home Function Return Gifts.
  • Colour: Golden; Pacakge Content: 1 Pooja Thali With 1 Spoon 2 Katori 1 Galss
  • Made using quality materials, these pooja articles are bound to last with you for years to come.Made using quality materials, these pooja articles are bound to last with you for years to come.
  • Traditional Touch And Indian Based Pooja Thali

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Dimensions 10.16 × 10.16 × 11.2 cm


Celebrate Divinity: Embrace the Beauty of a Traditional Brass Mandir Pooja Thali

Are you seeking to deepen your spiritual practice and elevate the ambiance of your home temple? This handcrafted brass Mandir Pooja Thali set is the perfect answer, crafted with the essence of Indian tradition and the finest quality materials.

The Radiance of Golden Brass Pooja Thali

The warm, golden hue of brass has held sacred significance in Indian culture for centuries. This beautiful pooja thali set embodies that spiritual radiance, adding a touch of divinity to your sacred space. Its meticulous design and intricate detailing reflect the dedication and artistry infused into its creation.

Essential Elements for Your Pooja Rituals with Pooja Thali

This comprehensive pooja thali set includes:

1. Pooja Thali: The Heart of Your Rituals

  • Function: The pooja thali serves as the foundation upon which you assemble all your ritual offerings. It’s a sacred space that helps you organize and present elements to the divine.
  • Size: A generously sized pooja thali ensures you have ample room for:
    • Diya (oil lamp): An essential symbol of light dispelling darkness.
    • Incense holder: To offer fragrant smoke, purifying the atmosphere.
    • Flowers: As a symbol of devotion and beauty.
    • Prasad (offerings): Sweets, fruits, or other foods presented to the deity.
  • Symbolism: The thali itself can represent the universe, or a lotus flower, both auspicious symbols in Hinduism.

2. Katori: Vessels of Sacred Substances

  • Function: Katori are small bowls that hold essential substances used in pooja rituals:
    • Kumkum: A red powder made from turmeric and lime, signifying auspiciousness and good fortune. Applied as a tilak on the forehead.
    • Haldi: Turmeric powder, known for its purifying and healing properties. Used for offerings and creating sacred marks.
    • Rice: A symbol of prosperity and abundance. Often offered uncooked or mixed with kumkum for auspiciousness.
    • Other offerings: Katori can also hold sandalwood paste, sacred ash (vibhuti), or other items specific to the deity or ritual.
  • Symbolism: The bowls themselves are vessels of devotion, containing elements that carry profound meanings.

3. Glass: The Purity of Offerings

  • Function: The glass is primarily used for liquid offerings to the deities.
    • Water: Considered pure and cleansing, essential in many rituals.
    • Milk: A symbol of abundance, often offered to deities.
    • Panchamrit: A sacred mixture of milk, yogurt, ghee, honey, and sugar, offered to deities during special occasions.
  • Symbolism: The clarity of the glass represents the purity of the offering and the transparency of your intentions.

4. Spoon: Facilitating Sacred Actions

  • Function: The brass spoon has multiple uses in pooja rituals:
    • Offering water: Taking water from the glass to offer onto deities or sacred objects.
    • Distributing prasad: Offering blessed food from the thali to devotees.
    • Mixing elements: Combining sandalwood paste with water or other ritual mixtures.
  • Symbolism: The spoon represents the act of giving and receiving blessings.

With this complete set, you have everything you need to perform meaningful poojas at home, bringing blessings and positive energy into your life.

Ideal for Navratri, Diwali, and Beyond

While perfect for any spiritual occasion, this pooja thali shines brightest during the vibrant festivals of Navratri and Diwali. Its auspicious symbolism and festive spirit make it a beloved centerpiece for your celebrations.

More than Just Pooja: A Versatile Treasure

This pooja thali set’s appeal extends beyond religious ceremonies.

Decorative Accent: A Touch of Timeless Elegance

More than just a functional religious item, this brass pooja thali set transforms into a breathtaking showpiece for your home. Its intricate craftsmanship and warm golden tones exude timeless elegance. Imagine it displayed prominently on a shelf, coffee table, or entryway console. It instantly infuses your space with a touch of Indian heritage and spiritual serenity.

Gifting: A Gift that Expresses Love and Blessings

Searching for a meaningful and unique gift? This pooja thali set is an exceptional choice. Whether for a housewarming, wedding, Diwali, or any joyous occasion, it conveys your heartfelt wishes for prosperity, well-being, and spiritual connection. The recipient will treasure this thoughtful gesture, appreciating its beauty and the deeper significance it symbolizes.

Meditation Aid: Cultivating Inner Peace

The gentle gleam of brass and the harmonious design of this pooja thali create a tranquil ambiance. Place it within your meditation space or simply gaze upon it as a focal point for contemplation. Its peaceful energy helps quiet the mind and facilitates a deeper meditative state, promoting inner peace and mindfulness.

The Enduring Quality of Brass Pooja Thali

Brass is renowned for its strength and durability. When cared for, this pooja thali set can become a cherished heirloom, passed down through generations with its spiritual significance intact.

Cleaning and Care Tip: To maintain its shine, simply clean with a soft cloth and lemon juice or a mild brass cleaner.

Experience the Power of Tradition

By incorporating this brass Mandir this set into your rituals, you connect with a rich and ancient tradition. Its symbolism and beauty will elevate your poojas, making them even more profound and meaningful.

Order Your Pooja Thali Today

Don’t miss the opportunity to bring this exquisite symbol of Indian devotion into your home. Order your brass Mandir Pooja Thali set today and experience the transformative power of traditional rituals.

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