Triangle Line Hanging Latkan – 4 FT – Made Of Paper (1 Packet 10 Pieces)

Type Wall Hanging
Material Paper
Dimension 4 FT
Color Orange
Minimum Qty 5 Packet

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Bring Festive Flair & Geometric Charm to Your Home with Triangle Line Hanging Latkan

Add a touch of vibrancy and cultural warmth to your home with our exquisite Triangle Line Hanging Latkan. These handcrafted paper decorations, bursting with color and traditional Indian motifs, are perfect for enhancing any space. Each latkan features a delicate string of geometric triangles in a stunning orange hue, creating a mesmerizing cascade of shapes. Ideal for festive occasions, weddings, puja rooms, living spaces, or as a unique and thoughtful gift.

Features of Triangle Line Hanging Latkan

Handmade with Care:

Handmade with care: Each latkan is meticulously crafted from high-quality paper.

Skillfully formed by hand, each latkan is a testament to traditional craftsmanship. Delicate triangles are carefully shaped by artisans, with slight variations adding to their individual charm and authenticity.

Versatile Décor:

Versatile décor: Hang them on doors, windows, walls, or use them to adorn festive settings.

Transform any space with their vibrant beauty! Hang them as a festive garland across your fireplace mantel, create a whimsical entryway by draping them over a doorway, or add a celebratory touch to your balcony railings. Perfect for enhancing Diwali celebrations, wedding decor, themed parties, or adding a touch of everyday beauty to your home.

Cultural Touch:

Cultural touch: Celebrate India’s rich heritage with these traditional decorations.

Celebrate India’s rich heritage with these traditional latkans, often used to mark joyous occasions and celebrations. Their vibrant colors and festive designs bring a piece of India’s vibrant spirit into your home.

Environmentally Friendly:

Environmentally friendly: Made from sustainable paper materials.

Choose décor that’s both beautiful and conscious of the earth. These latkans are crafted with sustainable paper materials [If true, add: , including recycled content], reflecting a commitment to responsible design.

Bulk Purchase:

Bulk purchase: Available in convenient 5-packet sets.

Ideal for event planners, large-scale decorating, or simply stocking up for future celebrations, these convenient 5-packet sets provide ample latkans to transform your space.

Specifications of Triangle Line Hanging Latkan

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Styling Inspiration: Triangle Line Hanging Latkan

Our Triangle Line Hanging Latkans effortlessly complement a wide range of aesthetics. Here are a few ideas to spark your creativity:

  • Bohemian Bliss: Drape the latkans across a window or doorway, layering them with other textiles like macrame or beaded hangings. Pair with warm colors, natural textures, and plenty of houseplants for the ultimate boho vibe.

  • Minimalist Modern: Add a touch of geometric playfulness to a clean-lined space. Hang a single latkan against a neutral wall or suspend several above a dining table for a subtle statement.

  • Indian Fusion: Embrace the latkans’ cultural roots by incorporating them alongside traditional Indian elements like brass accents, vibrant cushions, or patterned rugs.

  • Festive Flair: Transform any celebration into a visual feast! String latkans along doorways, create a dazzling backdrop for Diwali or a wedding, or use them to decorate gift packages.

  • Eclectic Charm: Let your personality shine! Mix and match the latkans with other decorative pieces, from vintage finds to contemporary artwork, for a unique and curated look.

Remember: Don’t be afraid to experiment! Play with placement, height, and the number of latkans to achieve your desired effect.

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