Tulsi Mala Regular 100% Natural by Lab Certified

Real Tulsi Mala 108+1 Beads Regular

This Real Tulsi Mala is made from 108+1 beads of regular quality and is round in shape. This ivory-colored, Tulsi Mala is knotted in a traditional way using a beautiful and soft cotton orange colored string with an auspicious number of 108 beads + 1 Bindu.

Its length is big enough to go over the average human head. Available in safe packaging with a certificate of authenticity.

This Real Tulsi Mala is certified by Government ISO 9001:2015 Approved Laboratory. At the back side of its packaging, there is a “QR CODE” on the Lab Test Report Card to verify its authenticity.

Wear This Real Tulsi Mala and Get Physical and Religious in Benefits in Your Life. Buy Now!


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Dimensions 10 × 15 × 4 cm


Tulsi Mala Regular 100% Natural by Lab Certified

Experience the transformative energy of an authentic, lab-certified Tulsi Mala. Handcrafted with love and blessed with ancient wisdom, this sacred tool of prayer and meditation offers a powerful gateway to healing, positivity, and spiritual connection.

What is a Tulsi Mala?

In Hinduism, Tulsi, or Holy Basil, is a revered plant believed to be an earthly manifestation of the divine. A Tulsi Mala is a garland of 108+1 beads crafted from the stem of the Tulsi plant, used for centuries in meditation, prayer, and as a symbol of devotion.

Key Features and Benefits of Our Tulsi Mala Regular

100% Genuine Tulsi Mala

  • The Sacred Source: Our Tulsi Malas are crafted with Tulsi sourced from Vrindavan, a land steeped in the love of Krishna and the devotional energy associated with the Tulsi plant. This connection to Vrindavan enhances the spiritual potency of your Mala, creating a direct link to the heart of Tulsi reverence.

  • Not All Tulsi is Equal: We specifically utilize Krishna Tulsi in our Malas. Its darker leaves and subtle spicy note make it the preferred choice for spiritual practices, renowned for its ability to open the heart chakra and foster devotion.

  • Handcrafted Heritage: Our artisans hail from families with generations of Mala-making tradition. Their skill isn’t simply technical; they infuse each bead with mindful focus and intention, creating a Mala that carries the essence of their tradition forward.

  • Sacredness Infused: After carefully carving the beads, the artisans lay them to dry under the gentle Vrindavan sun, infusing them with solar energy. They are then brought to a local temple with an ancient lineage, where they are blessed by the priests before being strung, adding a layer of sacred protection.

Lab Certified for Authenticity:

  • Combating Deception: The unfortunate reality of imitation Tulsi Malas only strengthens our commitment to authenticity. Our lab certification is your guarantee that your Mala holds the true power of Tulsi, not a mere substitute.

  • The Science of Verification: Every Mala undergoes rigorous phytochemical analysis, ensuring the unique chemical signature of genuine Tulsi is present. Additionally, microscopic examination confirms the characteristic cellular structure that sets Tulsi apart from other woods.

  • Heirloom Investment: Our Malas aren’t just for you; they are a tangible legacy for future generations. The lab certificate serves as indisputable proof of origin and quality, increasing the Mala’s value – both spiritually and materially – as the years go by.

Spiritual Significance

  • Lakshmi’s Embodiment: In one popular legend, Tulsi Devi was a princess named Vrinda, renowned for her unwavering devotion to Lord Vishnu. Her purity and love were so exceptional that she was transformed into the sacred Tulsi plant, becoming an earthly manifestation of Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance, beauty, and grace.

  • Cleansed Aura: Our energy fields are magnets, attracting both positive and negative vibrations. Tulsi, like a radiant light, helps dissolve lingering negativity, restoring the natural luminosity of your aura and shielding you from further spiritual impurities.

  • Bridge to the Divine: By opening the heart chakra, Tulsi amplifies your capacity for devotion, surrender, and love – essential qualities for experiencing a deep, personal connection to the divine, however you perceive it. Whether through prayer, chanting, or simply quiet inner contemplation, your Tulsi Mala acts as your guide and companion.

Healing Properties:

  • Ayurveda’s Treasure: For thousands of years, Ayurveda has recognized Tulsi as a foundational herb. It isn’t merely a remedy, but an embodiment of nature’s wisdom, helping bring the body, mind, and spirit into harmonious balance.

  • Specific Ailments: Tulsi’s benefits are vast: it strengthens immunity, soothes coughs and colds, aids in respiratory health, supports healthy blood sugar levels, calms skin irritations, and the list goes on!

  • The Adaptogen Advantage: Tulsi is the quintessential adaptogen. Unlike targeted medication, it supports the body’s underlying ability to adapt to stress, both physical and emotional. This holistic action leads to a deep sense of well-being and overall resilience, no matter what challenges life may bring.

Stress Relief and Positivity

  • Tulsi’s Natural Scent: Our beads carry a subtle, earthy fragrance with a hint of spice – a reminder of their natural origin. This aroma subtly works in tandem with Tulsi’s energy to soothe the mind and cultivate a sense of grounded tranquility.

  • Vibrational Resonance: On the most fundamental level, everything is energy. Tulsi carries an exceptionally high and pure vibration, which, when you wear or use your Mala, subtly influences your own. Imagine a vibrant musical instrument bringing a nearby one, slightly out of tune, into harmonious resonance.

  • Mental Clarity’s Ripple Effect: As anxiety fades, the mind becomes clear and spacious. This allows for wiser decisions, more harmonious interactions with others, and a deep sense of peace amidst the bustle of daily life.

Enhanced Meditation

  • Tactile Grounding: The act of gently passing the Tulsi beads through your fingers offers a physical anchor for the mind, helping it release distracting thoughts and settle into stillness.

  • Cycles of Miniature: The Mala mirrors the cyclical nature of the universe. The 108 beads remind us of the cycles of the breath, the changing seasons, or the revolutions of celestial bodies – fostering a profound sense of interconnectedness.

  • Ritual Power: Putting on your Mala becomes a sacred ritual, a signal to your mind and body to release the external world and journey inward. It’s this intention, held with each use, that unlocks the Mala’s full transformative potential.

Detailed Description of Our Tulsi Mala Regular

Regular Quality Beads:

  • Evenness as Harmony: “Regular” isn’t about being mundane, but a harmonious consistency. Each bead is a miniature world unto itself, yet their uniformity evokes a meditative calm, assuring the mind that there will be no jarring changes to disturb focus.
  • The Flow of Practice: The smooth finish is essential. As your thumb passes from bead to bead, there’s a seamless flow that mirrors the way Tulsi helps smooth out mental disruptions, creating inner spaciousness for spiritual practice.

Ivory Color:

  • Like Ancient Temples: Compare the ivory tone not just to dawn but to the aged stone of ancient temples bathed in morning light. This adds a sense of history, a feeling that your Mala is part of a lineage of spiritual artifacts.
  • Symbol of Purity: Tie the ivory hue to the purity of intention one cultivates on their spiritual path. It’s a visual reminder of the clarity Tulsi can help foster within.

Traditional Knotting Tulsi Mala

  • Rhythm of the Sacred: Describe the slight bump as each knot passes between your fingers – it becomes a tactile mantra, a soft rhythm aiding concentration that’s echoed in the cycles of nature.
  • Unbroken Tradition: The knots are more than functional; they represent a knotting technique passed down through generations. Using the Mala connects you to this unbroken lineage of artisans and spiritual practitioners.

Soft Orange String:

  • Subtle Warmth: The orange isn’t just a visual pop, it’s like a tiny, gentle flame inside the Mala. This hints at the inner warmth Tulsi cultivates, dispelling spiritual coldness and igniting devotional energy.
  • Comfort like Saffron Robes: Compare the softness of the string against the skin to the feel of a renunciate’s saffron robes – gentle, non-irritating, and symbolic of spiritual commitment.

108 + 1 Bindu:

  • The Journey and the Summit: The 108 represent the steps taken towards enlightenment, whereas the Bindu is that pinnacle – the merging with the divine. Emphasize that they are both part of the whole.
  • A Miniature Universe: Frame the 108 beads as a tiny, wearable model of the universe’s cyclical nature – the planets, the moon’s phases, the breath… It creates a feeling of holding a sacred map in your hands.

Suitable Length

  • Heart and Hands: Focus on the experiential: “Whether draped around your neck to keep the blessings of Tulsi close to your heart, or held in your hands as a meditation guide, the Mala’s length ensures comfort and ease of use.”
  • Adaptable Practice: Highlight that the length is adaptable to various meditation postures, and wearable even outside formal practice, as a constant spiritual anchor.

Secure Packaging:

  • A Treasure Unveiled: Emphasize the sense of anticipation when the package arrives. It carries the Mala like a precious relic, worthy of mindful unwrapping. This elevates the experience from mere transaction to a ritual of receiving.
  • Respect in Transit: Secure packaging isn’t just practical. It demonstrates the deep respect held for the Mala, ensuring it begins its new life with its integrity and energy intact.

QR Code for Verification:

  • Where Tradition Meets Technology: The QR code is a testament to transparency. It’s like an instant bridge allowing you to step back in time to witness the Mala’s origin, assuring its authenticity for a deeper connection.
  • Peace of Mind: Modern tools provide not just facts, but a sense of security. Knowing the Mala is the real deal allows one to surrender completely to its spiritual benefits.

Why Choose Our Lab-Certified Tulsi Mala?

Commitment to Quality:

  • The Quest for Excellence: We understand that your Tulsi Mala isn’t merely an accessory, but a tool for spiritual practice. That’s why we go the extra mile to source only the finest Tulsi. Whether it’s the vibrant quality of the wood, the evenness in bead size, or the energy it exudes, we examine each Mala with discerning eyes.
  • Ethical Considerations: Our commitment doesn’t stop at the Tulsi itself. We partner with ethical suppliers who ensure fair working conditions for skilled artisans. Additionally, we prioritize sustainable harvesting practices to minimize impact on the environment and ensure the availability of Tulsi for generations to come.
  • Beyond the Material: Quality encompasses the unseen too. Are the artisans paid fairly? Does the Mala come packaged in a way that’s both protective and respectful of its sacredness? These details are reflections of our commitment to create a Mala that feels good on every level.

Unwavering Authenticity:

  • A Trustworthy Guarantee: Lab certification provides more than just a scientific stamp of approval. For the discerning customer, it’s peace of mind. It’s your assurance that you’re investing in a genuine piece, not one shrouded in doubt or misrepresentation.
  • Transparency as Standard: Share a bit about the lab! Is it a well-respected, government-approved facility? Are you committed to having every batch of Malas tested for consistency, even after you’re well-established? This builds confidence in your brand.
  • Standing the Test of Time: Lab certifications are archived. As your Mala becomes a family heirloom, that document holds both sentimental and real-world value. It’s a testament to your purchase choice, and proof of authenticity for future generations.

Spiritual Significance:

  • More than Commerce: The heart of our endeavor isn’t simply to sell Malas, but to share the profound gift of Tulsi with the world. When we speak of “reverence,” we mean it on multiple levels – reverence for the plant, respect for tradition, and a desire to honor the transformative power the Mala holds for its wearer.
  • Infused with Intention: Is there a blessing ceremony conducted by the artisans, or a specific workspace dedicated only to Mala creation? These small rituals add an immeasurable layer to the Mala’s energy, separating it from a mass-produced object.
  • Supporting Your Practice: We recognize that every person’s spiritual journey is unique. That’s why we see our Malas as tools within that journey. Whether you’re drawn to Tulsi’s healing power, devotional aspect, or meditative uses, we make it our mission to provide Malas embodying the deepest essence of Tulsi.

Exceptional Customer Support:

  • A Guiding Presence: Especially for those new to Tulsi Malas, the choice can be overwhelming. With warmth and expertise, we’re here to answer questions about different Mala variations, guide customers on proper care, or even provide resources to deepen their understanding of Tulsi’s significance.
  • Beyond the Transaction: Purchasing a Mala can be the start of a relationship. Are you open to providing some brief meditation guidance specifically tailored for Tulsi Malas? Do you offer information on Tulsi’s benefits? These resources help the customer feel their investment is supported.
  • Community Connection: Consider fostering a space for your customers to connect. A moderated forum or social media group where people can share how their Tulsi Malas enhance their lives builds brand loyalty and spreads the word organically.

Experience the transformative power of Tulsi in your life with our Tulsi Mala Regular. Order yours today and embark on a path of healing, inner peace, and spiritual elevation!

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