Asli Kashi Vibhuti Tilak Bhasma (700 g)| Bhasm (भस्म )

  • Vibhuti Bhasma For Lord Shiva.
  • Discover the divine power of Asli Kashi Vibhuti Tilak Bhasma – a sacred and authentic spiritual product. Elevate your spiritual practices with this traditional bhasma, known for its purity and significance. Shop now for a profound connection to the spiritual realm.


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Asli Kashi Vibhuti Tilak Bhasma (700 g) – Pure Sacred Ash

Experience the profound spiritual essence of Asli Kashi Vibhuti Tilak Bhasma, meticulously prepared from the sacred city of Kashi (Varanasi) in accordance with ancient Hindu traditions. This authentic bhasma, a symbol of purity, devotion, and the blessings of Lord Shiva, is an essential element in countless spiritual practices and rituals.

What is Vibhuti Bhasma?

  • Revered in Hindu tradition, Vibhuti Bhasma is the sacred ash obtained from ritualistic fires (yajnas or agnihotras). It represents the transcendence of the material world and the convergence with the divine.
  • The word “Vibhuti” signifies spiritual power and glory. Applying Vibhuti Bhasma as a tilak on the forehead is believed to bestow blessings, protection, and spiritual awakening.

The Significance of Kashi (Varanasi)

  • Kashi, also known as Varanasi or Benares, is one of the holiest cities in Hinduism. Situated on the banks of the sacred Ganges River, it is considered the abode of Lord Shiva.
  • Vibhuti Bhasma sourced from Kashi holds exceptional spiritual significance due to the city’s powerful energy and connection to Lord Shiva.

Why Choose Our Asli Kashi Vibhuti Tilak Bhasma


We ensure the utmost purity and authenticity in its preparation, adhering to traditional methods.

  • Uncompromising Authenticity: Our Vibhuti Bhasma is meticulously prepared in strict accordance with time-honored Hindu traditions, guaranteeing its absolute purity and preserving its sacred essence.
  • The Essence of Tradition: We understand that the spiritual power of Vibhuti lies in its preparation. Every step, from selection of materials to the ritualistic processes involved, is carried out with the utmost reverence and precision.

Spiritual Potency:

Sourced directly from Kashi, this bhasma carries the sacred vibrations and energy of this holy city.

  • Imbued with the Energy of Kashi: The spiritual potency of our Vibhuti Bhasma derives from its direct origin in the heart of Kashi (Varanasi), the sacred city of Lord Shiva. It resonates with centuries of devotion, prayers, and rituals performed on the banks of the holy Ganges River.
  • A Conduit to the Divine: By using this sacred ash, you tap into the profound spiritual energy that permeates Kashi, creating a powerful connection to the divine realm.

Devotion to Lord Shiva:

Ideal for devotees of Lord Shiva, enhancing your spiritual practices and connection to him.

  • Deepen Your Bond with Lord Shiva: Vibhuti Bhasma is an indispensable element in the worship of Lord Shiva. Its application signifies both reverence and a desire to align oneself with his transformative energy.
  • Strengthen Your Spiritual Path: Whether in daily rituals or grander celebrations, our Vibhuti will enhance your offerings to Lord Shiva, bringing his blessings into your spiritual journey.

Ritualistic Use:

Perfect for daily worship, pujas, meditation, and other spiritual ceremonies.

  • Versatile and Essential: Our Vibhuti Bhasma seamlessly integrates into your various spiritual practices, providing a tangible representation of your devotion and faith.
  • Elevate Your Rituals: From the simple act of applying the tilak to elaborate pujas and ceremonies, this sacred ash adds depth and significance to your spiritual observances.

Inner Transformation:

The application of this sacred ash aids in purifying the mind, promoting spiritual awareness, and attracting positive energies.

  • Cleansing the Spirit: The act of applying Vibhuti Bhasma fosters a sense of purification, washing away negativity and clearing the path for spiritual growth.
  • Spiritual Awakening: Regular use of this sacred ash is believed to enhance spiritual awareness, opening your consciousness to higher realms and deeper understanding.
  • Aura of Positivity: Vibhuti Bhasma attracts positive energies, creating an aura of protection and fostering feelings of peace and well-being.

Experience the Benefits of Asli Kashi Vibhuti Tilak Bhasma

Spiritual Elevation:

Uplift your spiritual journey and deepen your connection with the divine.

  • Vibhuti Bhasma acts as a powerful spiritual conduit. Its application invites a sense of the sacred, opening you up to higher states of consciousness.
  • Regular use can foster a deeper sense of devotion, humility, and surrender to the divine forces, accelerating your spiritual growth.

Blessings and Protection:

Invite the blessings of Lord Shiva and create a shield of protection against negative energies.

  • Vibhuti Bhasma carries the protective energy of Lord Shiva, a powerful force in Hindu mythology. It’s believed to ward off negativity and shield the wearer from harmful influences, both physical and spiritual.
  • By applying the ash, you invoke Lord Shiva’s blessings, creating an aura of protection and attracting positive energy into your life.


Cleanse your aura, remove negative thought patterns, and promote inner peace.

  • The transformative nature of Vibhuti Bhasma aids in purifying the physical and subtle bodies. It helps to dispel negative thought patterns and emotional imbalances.
  • This cleansing effect promotes inner peace, tranquility, and a heightened sense of mental clarity.

Clarity and Focus:

Enhance your meditation practices, fostering concentration and spiritual insight.

  • The purifying and mind-calming effects of Vibhuti Bhasma create fertile ground for deep meditation. Its use aids in stilling the mind and minimizing distractions.
  • Regular use during meditation leads to enhanced focus, deeper insights, and a stronger connection to one’s inner wisdom.

Connection to Tradition:

Embrace the rich spiritual heritage of Hinduism and the sacred traditions associated with Vibhuti Bhasma.

  • The use of Vibhuti Bhasma is a timeless practice steeped in the rich spiritual traditions of Hinduism. By incorporating it, you participate in a lineage of spiritual seekers.
  • Applying the ash is a tangible way to connect with the ancient wisdom and power of Hindu rituals and philosophy.

How to Use Asli Kashi Vibhuti Tilak Bhasma

1. Preparation:

  • Focus: Begin by finding a quiet and undisturbed space. Sit comfortably and focus your mind on your prayers or intentions.
  • Wash your hands: Cleanse your hands with respect for the sacred nature of the bhasma.

2. Taking the Bhasma:

  • Use your right hand: Tradition dictates that the right hand is used when handling sacred substances like Vibhuti.
  • Take a small amount: Gently take a pinch of bhasma between your thumb and ring finger. You don’t need a large quantity.

3. Applying the Vibhuti:

  • Forehead: With your ring finger, carefully draw three horizontal lines of bhasma across your forehead. The space between your eyebrows is considered particularly significant.
  • Meaning: The three lines symbolize various aspects of Hinduism, such as the three gunas (qualities of nature), the Trimurti (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva), and more.

4. Additional Vibhuti Application :

  • Arms: You may apply a small amount of bhasma to your upper arms or biceps.
  • Neck: Apply a gentle line of bhasma at the base of your neck, in the area known as the Vishuddhi chakra.
  • Chest: Apply some bhasma over your heart, in the area of the Anahata chakra.

Important Considerations:

  • Intention: Apply the vibhuti with reverence and sincere devotion. Focus on your chosen deity, mantras, or spiritual aspirations.
  • Cleanliness: Ensure the areas where you apply the bhasma are clean and dry.
  • Respect: Always treat the bhasma with the utmost respect, as it is a sacred substance.

Embrace the transformative power of Asli Kashi Vibhuti Tilak Bhasma and elevate your spiritual journey.

Order yours Vibhuti today!

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