Mashhoor Alam Jantri | Year 2024 | Vikram Samvat – 2081 | Hindi

Hindi Panchang/Jantri year 2024, samvat 2081. Published by Mashhur Alam Karyalay



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Vikram Samvat 2081 | Mashhoor Alam Jantri 2024

Discover the wisdom and guidance of the ancient Hindu calendar with the Vikram Samvat 2081 | Mashhoor Alam Jantri. This comprehensive Hindi Panchang for the year 2024 (Vikram Samvat 2081) is your essential tool for aligning your life with the most auspicious timings, observing important Hindu festivals, and understanding the flow of the year according to Hindu astrology. Published by the esteemed Mashhoor Alam Karyalay, this Jantri provides in-depth information that will empower your spiritual and practical life.

Benefits & Features

Find Shubh Muhurats:

Unlock Auspicious Timing for Life’s Milestones

  • Plan with Precision: This Jantri is your guide to discovering the most auspicious dates and times (Shubh Muhurats) for life’s most important decisions such as weddings, starting a business, housewarmings (griha pravesh), and sacred ceremonies.
  • Align with Cosmic Energies: Shubh Muhurats are determined by considering astrological influences and planetary positions. Tap into these powerful cosmic forces for success, harmony, and blessings.
  • Practical Guidance: Find easy-to-follow tables and detailed explanations that help you identify the most opportune moments for initiating major life events.

Stay Updated on Hindu Festivals:

Celebrate the Sacred Cycle of the Year

  • Never Miss a Celebration: This Jantri provides a comprehensive calendar outlining all significant Hindu festivals throughout the year, meticulously noting their dates and importance.
  • Delve into Meaning: Discover the rich history, legends, and practices associated with each festival, deepening your understanding of Hindu traditions and their relevance in modern life.
  • Rituals and Observances: Learn how to prepare for festivals, the specific rituals associated with them, and the special foods or offerings that enhance the celebrations.

Detailed Panchang:

Your Daily Astrological Almanac

  • Cosmic Insights: The Panchang offers a daily breakdown of essential astrological elements like tithis (lunar phases), nakshatras (lunar constellations), planetary positions, and other key factors.
  • Favorable Days: Identify auspicious days for various activities and understand which timings might hold challenges, empowering you to make informed decisions.
  • Spiritual Connection: Use the Panchang’s wisdom to align your daily routines with the rhythms of the cosmos, deepening your spiritual awareness.

Enhance Spiritual Practice:

A Pathway to Deeper Devotion

  • Sacred Observances: Explore the profound meanings and prescribed rituals behind various Hindu observances like fasting, special pujas, and spiritual practices.
  • Strengthen Your Faith: Understand the significance of these observances, enhancing your connection to Hindu philosophy and enriching your devotional path.
  • Resources for Growth: Find inspiration and guidance on how to incorporate these sacred practices into your life, cultivating a strong spiritual foundation.

Trusted Source:

The Reputation of the Mashhoor Alam Jantri

  • Accurate and Reliable: The Mashhoor Alam Jantri has earned a reputation for its meticulous calculations and astrological accuracy, garnering trust within the Hindu community.
  • Generations of Wisdom: This Jantri builds upon a rich legacy of knowledge, passed down through generations of scholars and astrologers.
  • Peace of Mind: Choose a resource that gives you confidence, knowing that the information you rely on is well-researched and deeply respected.

Hindi Edition:

Accessibility for Hindi Speakers

  • Clarity and Understanding: This Jantri is made for Hindi speakers. It explains complex astrology terms and spiritual ideas in a clear way. This makes them easy to understand.
  • Inclusiveness: This Jantri welcomes everyone to Hindu wisdom. It respects the different languages spoken within the Hindu community.
  • Empowering Knowledge: This Jantri gives you important information in your own language. This helps you understand your culture better. It lets you make informed choices.

What You’ll Find Inside the Mashhoor Alam Jantri 2024

Monthly Calendars with Hindu Dates, Festivals, and Auspicious Timings

  • Clear Layout: Each month is presented in an easy-to-read format, with Gregorian calendar dates alongside the corresponding dates of the Hindu lunar calendar.
  • Festival Markings: Important Hindu festivals and holidays are prominently highlighted, often with their associated deity, rituals, and significance mentioned.
  • Auspicious Timings: Special timings for starting new ventures (muhurats) or performing ceremonies are often designated for each day. This information aligns with the astrological factors in the detailed panchang.

Daily Panchang Details

(Tithi, Nakshatra, Yoga, Karana, Planetary Positions, etc.)

  • Tithi: The lunar day at the time of sunrise, which holds significance for religious rituals and determining festival timings.
  • Nakshatra: The lunar mansion the Moon occupies, which influences daily life, compatibility, and auspicious timing for specific activities.
  • Yoga: A calculation based on the Sun and Moon’s positions, influencing personal well-being and determining actions’ suitability.
  • Karana: Half of a tithi, a further refinement for timing certain activities with precision.
  • Planetary Positions: The locations of planets in the zodiac, which contribute to individual horoscopes and influence the nature of different days/times.

Information on Important Hindu Fasts and Observances

  • Fasting Days: Ekadashi, Pradosham, Shivaratri, and other significant dates for fasting are listed, often with their specific purpose and the deities associated with the observance.
  • Rituals Specific to Fasts: The panchang provides guidance for the procedures, mantras, or stories related to particular fasts and religious observances.

Articles on Hindu Astrology, Rituals, and Traditions

  • Jyotish Insights: Explanatory sections on Hindu astrology, delving into planetary significances, zodiac signs, birth charts (kundali), and how they influence life.
  • Ritual Guides: Step-by-step explanations of common Hindu rituals (pujas), their meaning, required materials, and the order of performing them.
  • Tradition Deep-Dives: Exploring the history, stories, and symbolism behind various festivals and customs throughout the Hindu calendar.

Shubh Muhurat Tables for Various Life Events

  • Tailored Guides: Get specific muhurats (auspicious times) for weddings, housewarmings, travel, buying vehicles, and starting new projects.

  • Astrological Alignment: Muhurat tables consider planets, nakshatras, and other astrological factors. This ensures you choose the most beneficial times for important life events.

Information on Planetary Transits and their Potential Influences

  • Gocharphal (Transits): Provides information about when planets change zodiac signs, with brief insights on their general potential impact, both collectively and individually.
  • Guidance for Navigating Changes: Gives insights for understanding how various transits might influence different areas of life.

And Much More!

High-quality Hindu calendars/panchangs may also include:

  • Sunrise/Sunset timings: For specific locations, aiding in determining prayer and ritual times.
  • Rahukaalam: The inauspicious period each day, to guide scheduling of major events.
  • Festival Recipes: Traditional recipes associated with specific Hindu celebrations.

Who Is This Jantri For?

  • Individuals seeking guidance on auspicious dates for important decisions.
  • Families who want to stay connected to Hindu festivals and traditions.
  • Astrologers and students of astrology.
  • Anyone interested in learning more about Hindu culture and practices.

Uncover the Richness of Hindu Festivals:

Your Immersive Guide to Stories, Legends, and Practices

  • Delve into the vibrant world of Hindu festivals, exploring the captivating stories and mythological origins of major and minor celebrations.
  • Discover the spiritual significance, symbolism, and traditions associated with each festival, deepening your understanding of Hindu culture.
  • Experience the joy and reverence of Diwali, the colorful exuberance of Holi, and the devotion of other important Hindu festivals throughout the year.

Perform Hindu Rituals with Confidence:

A Step-by-Step Guide to Meaningful Traditions

  • Learn the correct procedures, mantras, and significance of essential Hindu rituals (pujas) for various occasions like births, weddings, festivals, and honoring ancestors.
  • Understand the symbolism behind offerings, prayers, and practices within Hindu ceremonies, making them more meaningful for you and your family.
  • Find detailed instructions and resources to help you perform rituals with reverence and respect throughout life’s important milestones.

 The Vikram Samvat Calendar:

Your Portal to Hindu Timekeeping and Traditions

  • Explore the rich history and origins of the Vikram Samvat Calendar, one of the primary calendars used for Hindu religious and cultural purposes
  • Understand its lunar-solar basis, the significance of months, and how it determines the timing of important festivals and auspicious events.
  • Discover how the Vikram Samvat Calendar connects to Hindu mythology, astrology, and daily life fostering a deeper connection to these ancient traditions.

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