White Chandan Mala Original Certified Safed Chandan Ki Mala Excellent AA+Quality Prefect Round Cut 108 Natural Beads Hand Knotted सफ़ेद चन्दन माला Chandan Mala For Neck चन्दन की माला

Colour White
Material Mala
Size Large
Brand Generic
Shape Round

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White Chandan Mala (Safed Chandan Ki Mala) – Peace, Meditation & Spirituality

Seek the authentic power of sandalwood with our Original Certified Safed Chandan Mala. Each bead is meticulously selected and lab-certified to guarantee the highest AA+ quality. Immerse yourself in the natural fragrance of pure sandalwood while you chant mantras, meditate, or simply wear this elegant mala as a symbol of your spiritual journey.

Benefits of Wearing White Chandan Mala

  • Peace and Prosperity: Sandalwood’s gentle aroma is believed to create a calming atmosphere, attracting positive energy, peace, and prosperity. It dispels negative thoughts, fostering a sense of serenity and well-being, aiding in the manifestation of desires and abundance.

  • Concentration and Meditation: The subtle fragrance of sandalwood helps to focus the mind and ground the spirit during meditation. It minimizes distracting thoughts, facilitating a deeper level of concentration and connection with your inner self.

  • Calming Effect: White sandalwood possesses natural cooling properties that soothe both the mind and body. Its aroma helps relieve stress, anxiety, and restlessness, promoting a state of tranquility and mental clarity.

  • Spiritual Growth: In many spiritual traditions, sandalwood is associated with purity and a connection to the divine. Wearing a White Chandan Mala can serve as a constant reminder of your spiritual aspirations. Chanting mantras and prayers with the mala is considered to enhance their potency and deepen your connection to a higher consciousness.

Product Description:

  • Material: High Quality Safed Chandan Beads
  • Number of Beads: 108
  • Size: Large
  • Shape: Round
  • Color: White
  • Brand: Generic
  • Certification: Lab Certified by IGL (International Gemstone Laboratory)

How to Use White Chandan Mala

The White Chandan Mala is a sacred tool with profound spiritual significance and practical applications. Here’s how you can integrate it into your devotional practices:

Chanting Mantras and Japa:

  • Finding a Sacred Space: Choose a quiet, undisturbed location where you can sit comfortably. A dedicated meditation altar or a clean, peaceful corner will enhance your experience.
  • Purifying the Mala: Before your first use, gently cleanse the mala with a soft cloth or incense smoke to remove any impurities and activate its spiritual energy.
  • Right Hand Placement: Hold the mala in your right hand, draping it over your middle finger and letting it rest against your ring finger. Your thumb will be used to move the beads.
  • Chosing a Mantra: Select a mantra that resonates with your intentions. Popular options include “Om Namah Shivaya,” “Om,” or other mantras dedicated to specific deities.
  • The Meru Bead:  This signifies the beginning and end of your practice. Do not cross over this bead.
  • Counting and Chanting: Use your thumb to gently pull one bead towards you with each repetition of the mantra. Maintain focus, letting the rhythmic movement and the fragrance of sandalwood aid your concentration and devotion.
  • Completing the Cycle: A traditional mala has 108 beads. After reaching the Meru bead, reverse the direction of the mala and continue chanting without crossing the Meru.


  • Comfortable Posture: Find a comfortable seated position with a straight spine, whether on a cushion, chair, or directly on the floor.
  • Holding the Mala: You may hold the mala in your right hand, gently moving the beads with each deep, conscious breath. Alternatively, simply wear the mala around your neck, allowing its calming energy to support your meditation practice.
  • Focusing the Mind: The act of moving through the beads, coupled with the sandalwood aroma, can help anchor your awareness to the present moment and quiet the mind.

Wearing as a Necklace or Bracelet:

The White Chandan Mala isn’t just a devotional tool; its natural beauty and soothing aroma make it a wonderful accessory. Wear it around your neck or wrist as a reminder of your spiritual aspirations and a source of peace and positivity throughout the day.

Are you ready to elevate your spiritual practice and invite peace, clarity, and blessings into your life? Experience the transformative power of the White Chandan Mala. This exquisite, lab-certified mala, crafted from the finest sandalwood, will deepen your meditations, enhance your mantra chanting, and become a cherished symbol of your spiritual journey. Invest in your inner peace and discover the profound benefits of this sacred tool. Order your White Chandan Mala today!

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