White Shivling Shiva Ling/Shivling with Brass Plate, Kalash with Stand/Trishul Brass (1 Pieces, Gold)

Top Highlights – ThemeShiva
Brand – Pujagoodies
Colour – Gold
Material – Metal
Product Dimensions12.7L x 2.5W x 12.7H Centimeters
Cartoon Character Shiva
Shiva Ling- White Shivling weight- 10-15 grams approx Color- White, Brass – Golden
The four goals in human life-religion, health, desire, and salvation, can be fulfilled by worshiping the ‘ Shivlinga’.
Shaligram shivling, a powerful symbolic of lord shiva
It is believed that where there is Shivling lord Shiva resides there. One can get rid of all ailments by performing daily puja to Shivling. iIl effect of planet Saturn is eliminated by keeping Shivling at home.
Height : White Shivling 2 Inches height (approx.) , Kalash With Stand 4.7 Inches (approx.) , Pooja Thali Size : 6.5 inches (approx) and with Trishul Size 4 inches (approx)
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Weight 250 g
Dimensions 10.16 cm


Exquisite White Shivling with Brass Pooja Set (Kalash with Stand, Trishul, Plate)

Are you seeking a deeper connection to the divine energy of Lord Shiva? This stunning White Shivling Shiva Ling/Shivling set, crafted with exquisite detail, will elevate your spiritual practice and bring blessings into your home.

What is a Shivling?

In Hinduism, the Shivling (also spelled Shivalingam or Shiva Linga) is a profound symbol that holds layers of meaning. It represents Lord Shiva, the embodiment of transformative power and the formless, infinite nature of the divine. The Shivling transcends any single image or representation, embodying the totality of existence.

The Symbolism and Blessings of the Shivling

Worshipping the Shivling is believed to open pathways to blessings in the four fundamental pursuits of human life:

  • Dharma (righteousness): The Shivling guides devotees towards ethical living, compassionate action, and finding their true purpose.
  • Artha (material prosperity): Worshipping the Shivling can attract abundance, fulfilling material needs while emphasizing the importance of generosity and detachment.
  • Kama (fulfillment of desires): The Shivling helps align desires with the greater good, leading to contentment and the fulfillment of worthy aspirations.
  • Moksha (ultimate liberation): The highest blessing, Moksha represents the liberation of the soul from the cycle of birth and death, and the merging of individual consciousness with the divine.

Beyond these traditional blessings, devotees find that regular worship of the Shivling offers a multitude of benefits for their lives, fostering inner peace, spiritual clarity, and a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all things.

The Significance of the White Shivling

White Shivlingams hold a special place within Hindu tradition. Their pristine color symbolizes purity, spiritual illumination, and their ability to amplify positive energies. The pure white hue is associated with the highest levels of consciousness and is believed to facilitate a deeper connection with the divine.

This specific Shivling, formed from the sacred Shaligram stone, carries an added layer of significance. Found in the Gandaki River in Nepal, Shaligram stones are naturally occurring fossils containing the markings and patterns associated with Lord Vishnu. Revered as a direct embodiment of Lord Vishnu, the Shaligram shivling blends the energies of both Shiva and Vishnu, creating a powerful synergy of creation, preservation, and transformation.

The Essential Elements of this Pooja Set

This thoughtfully curated pooja (worship) set provides all the necessary elements for honoring Lord Shiva and inviting his blessings into your life:

  • White Shaligram Shivling: A smooth, naturally formed Shaligram stone, approximately 2 inches tall, stands as the centerpiece of your worship. Representing the boundless energy of Lord Shiva, it becomes the focal point for your devotion and meditation.

  • Brass Pooja Thali: This intricately adorned plate, approximately 6.5 inches in diameter, becomes a sacred platform for your offerings. During pooja, you might place flowers, incense, fruits, or other devotional items on the thali as a gesture of respect and love towards Lord Shiva. When not in use, its beautiful design makes it a decorative centerpiece for your altar or sacred space.

  • Brass Kalash with Stand: This traditional vessel, approximately 4.7 inches tall, embodies abundance and prosperity. Filled with holy water, often from the Ganges River or another sacred source, it symbolizes the life-giving force of the universe. The water is used for ritual purification and offerings during pooja.

  • Brass Trishul: The iconic trident of Lord Shiva, measuring approximately 4 inches, is a powerful symbol of his transformative power. The three prongs of the Trishul represent his authority over the three gunas (qualities of nature), his ability to destroy ignorance and illusion, and his role as creator, preserver, and destroyer.

How to Use Your Shivling Set

Create a Sacred Space: Choose a special location in your home where you feel peaceful and undisturbed. This could be a dedicated altar, a shelf, or simply a clean and quiet corner. Place your Shivling set in this space, creating an atmosphere of reverence and devotion.

Perform Daily Pooja Rituals: Pooja is the Hindu practice of offering worship and devotion to the divine. Begin by purifying yourself and the space with a cleansing bath or by sprinkling water. Then with a focused mind and heart, make offerings to the Shivling:

    • Water: Pour fresh water over the Shivling, symbolizing the purification of the body and mind.
    • Milk: Offer milk, representing abundance and nourishment.
    • Flowers: Place fragrant flowers symbolizing the blossoming of the soul.
    • Incense: Burn incense to create a sacred atmosphere and elevate prayers.
    • Devotional Prayers: Recite mantras or offer your own prayers expressing gratitude, seeking guidance, or surrendering to the divine will.

Utilize for Meditation: Sit comfortably before your Shivling set, close your eyes, and gently focus your gaze on the Shivling. Let its form dissolve any distracting thoughts, allowing you to rest in the awareness of the boundless consciousness that the Shivling represents. Use the image of the Shivling as a tool to anchor your mind in the present moment and experience inner stillness.

Product Specifications

Set Includes:

  • White Shaligram Shivling
  • Brass Pooja Thali
  • Brass Kalash with Stand
  • Brass Trishul


  • Shivling: Natural Shaligram Stone
  • Pooja Thali, Kalash, Trishul: Brass


  • Shivling: White (with natural variations due to Shaligram stone)
  • Brass items: Golden

Dimensions (Approximate):

  • Shivling: 2 inches (height)
  • Pooja Thali: 6.5 inches (diameter)
  • Kalash with Stand: 4.7 inches (height)
  • Trishul: 4 inches (height)

Weight (Approximate):

  • Shivling: 50 grams
  • Total Set: 250 grams (may vary slightly)

Origin: India

Experience the Blessings of the Shivling

By incorporating this sacred Shivling set into your daily life, you open yourself to the transformative blessings of Lord Shiva:

  • Removal of Negative Energies and Obstacles: The Shivling is believed to dispel negative energies, purify the environment, and clear obstacles from your path, both material and spiritual.

  • Attracting Peace, Prosperity, and Growth: Regular Shivling worship can attract the blessings of inner peace, material well-being, and spiritual advancement, promoting well-rounded growth in your life.

  • Enhanced Meditation and Connection to the Divine: Using the Shivling as a focal point can deepen your meditation practice, helping you quiet the mind, cultivate inner stillness, and experience your connection with the divine source.

  • Protection for Home and Family: The benevolent presence of the Shivling is believed to shield your home and loved ones from harm, fostering a sense of security and well-being.

Important Note: Remember, devotion and sincerity of heart are the most essential elements of worship. Approach the Shivling with love and reverence, and experience the blessings unfold in your life.

Craftsmanship and Quality

This White Shivling Shiva Ling/Shivling set embodies both beauty and enduring quality. Each element is crafted with meticulous care to honor the sacredness it represents:

  • The Shaligram Shivling: Each Shivling is a unique natural formation, carefully selected for its smooth shape and auspicious markings. Expert hands ensure it’s respectfully prepared and presented in a manner befitting its sacred origins.
  • The Brass Elements: Skilled artisans shape the brass into elegant forms, embodying traditional designs. The thali, kalash, and trishul are polished to a lustrous golden shine, creating a visually stunning and durable finish that will last for years.

This commitment to quality ensures that your Shivling set will become a treasured heirloom, passed down through generations as a symbol of devotion and craftsmanship.

Perfect for Gifting

The spiritual significance and exquisite beauty of this Shivling set make it an incredibly meaningful gift for a variety of occasions:

  • Housewarmings: Bless a new home with the auspicious energy of Lord Shiva, offering protection, peace, and the potential for spiritual growth within the space.
  • Weddings: Gift a symbol of divine union, as the Shivling represents the harmonious balance of masculine and feminine energies.
  • Diwali: The festival of lights is a perfect time to share a gift that represents inner illumination and the triumph of good over evil.
  • Hindu Festivals: Celebrate any major Hindu festival by offering a gift that deepens a loved one’s connection to their faith and heritage.
  • Spiritual Seekers: For anyone yearning for spiritual growth or seeking the blessings of Lord Shiva. This set provides a tangible focus for their devotion and practice.

Order Your White Shivling Shiva Ling/Shivling Set Today

Embrace the divine energy of Lord Shiva and elevate your spiritual journey with this exquisite White Shivling Shiva Ling/Shivling set.

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