Guggal agarbatti, Zed Black agarbatti ,Rose ,Chandan, Arij, Mogra , Charlie, Manthan , Pineapple, Kasturi – Zed Black premium agarbatti

Weight – 130g

Commodity – Incence Sticks

SKU – Zipper Medium Arij

Manufacturer- Mysore Deep Perfumery House


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Weight 130 g
Dimensions 15 × 30 × 2 cm


Experience the Alluring Fragrances of Zed Black Premium Agarbatti

Discover a luxurious collection of handcrafted agarbatti (incense sticks) from Zed Black, where the art of fragrance meets spiritual tradition. Elevate your home, meditation practice, or any special occasion with a delightful symphony of scents.

Our Zed Black agarbatti Range of Fragrances:


  • Purifying and Sacred: Immerse yourself in the ancient aroma of Guggal, a resin with a rich history in spiritual rituals and cleansing practices.
  • Meditative Benefits: The grounding scent of Guggal helps to quiet the mind, promote focus, and create a sense of inner peace. Its perfect for anyone seeking a deeper connection to their spiritual side.

Zed Black:

  • Uplifting and Awakens Positivity: Our signature Zed Black fragrance is a captivating blend designed to elevate your mood and awaken a sense of positivity within your home. Its complex aroma, balancing fresh, spicy, and slightly sweet notes, brings an air of sophistication and good energy to any space.
  • Enhances Ambiance: Zed Black is an all-rounder, perfect for creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. Whether you’re relaxing, entertaining guests, or simply looking to infuse your day with a touch of luxury, this scent is sure to delight.


  • Delicate and Romantic: Experience the timeless beauty of Rose agarbatti. Its sweet, floral fragrance evokes feelings of love, tenderness, and evokes images of a blossoming garden. Light this incense to create a romantic ambiance or to cultivate a sense of gentle self-care.
  • Soothing and Uplifting: The soft embrace of Rose can help ease tension, uplift the mood, and bring a sense of lightness and joy to your day.


  • Inner Peace and Tranquility: Discover the soothing power of Chandan (sandalwood) agarbatti. Its warm, woody scent has been used in meditation and relaxation practices for centuries. Chandan quiets the mind, promotes focus, and helps you connect with your inner self.
  • Spiritual Connection: Chandan holds deep spiritual significance in many traditions. Its aroma is believed to create a sacred space, bringing a sense of peace and clarity during prayer or meditation.


  • Fresh and Purifying: Embrace the clean, revitalizing power of Arij agarbatti. Its crisp scent cleanses the air, dispelling negativity, and promotes a sense of serenity and clarity.
  • Mental Clarity: Arij can aid in focus and mental alertness, making it a great choice for a workspace, study area, or any environment where concentration is needed.


  • Floral Oasis: Let sweet fragrance of Mogra transport you to a tranquil floral oasis. Mogra’s joyful aroma rejuvenates the senses, brightens your mood, and adds a touch of vibrant energy to your space.
  • Reduces Stress: The calming floral notes of Mogra are known to help melt away stress and promote feelings of well-being.


  • Creativity and Adventure: Ignite a spark of inspiration with the invigorating scent of Charlie agarbatti. This bold fragrance awakens your sense of adventure and helps tap into your creative side.
  • Energizing Blend: Charlie’s fresh, vibrant aroma can help boost energy levels, dispel lethargy, and motivate you to pursue your goals.


  • Rich and Traditional: Discover the richness of Manthan Guggal agarbatti, renowned for its sacred qualities and deep, complex aroma. This traditional scent is often used in spiritual practices and rituals, bringing a sense of grounding and reverence to your space.
  • Spiritual Depth: Manthan Guggal creates an atmosphere conducive to meditation, prayer, and connecting to a higher purpose.


  • Refreshing and Tropical: Delight in the cheerful and inviting scent of Pineapple agarbatti. Its sweet, juicy fragrance adds a touch of sunshine and playfulness to any room.
  • Mood Booster: The bright aroma of Pineapple can help lift your spirits and create a positive, welcoming energy wherever it’s used.


  • Earthy and Grounding: Bring a sense of balance with the deep, musky scent of Kasturi agarbatti. Its earthy aroma evokes a connection to nature and promotes feelings of stability and inner calm.
  • Contemplative Atmosphere: Kasturi has a contemplative quality, making it ideal for meditation, quiet reflection, or simply winding down after a long day.

Why Choose Zed Black Agarbatti?

Premium Quality of Zed Black agarbatti

Each Zed Black incense stick is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship. Artisan-made using traditional hand-rolling techniques, our agarbatti is infused with the finest natural ingredients. Expect a smooth, even burn and a rich, long-lasting aroma from pure sandalwood, delicate flower extracts, and precious resins.

Spiritual Significance

Zed Black embraces the ancient traditions surrounding incense. For centuries, fragrances like Chandan (sandalwood), Guggal, and Mogra have been integral to spiritual rituals, meditation, and creating sacred spaces. Our agarbatti honors this heritage, making it ideal for anyone seeking a deeper connection through scent.

Mood Enhancement

Our diverse selection of fragrances invites you to explore the transformative power of scent. Uplift your mood with invigorating notes, discover inner peace with calming blends, or ignite a sense of romance with sensual aromas. Each Zed Black fragrance is designe to evoke specific emotions, creating a sensory experience.

Transform Your Space

Elevate your home with the exquisite aromas of Zed Black agarbatti. Transform any room into a sanctuary of tranquility, a space of focus, or an inviting haven. From bedrooms to meditation areas, our versatile scents create a luxurious and welcoming atmosphere, turning everyday moments into indulgent rituals.

Key Product Details of Zed Black agarbatti

  • Weight: 130g
  • Dimension: 15x30x2
  • Commodity: Incense Sticks
  • SKU: Zipper Medium Arij
  • Manufacturer: Mysore Deep Perfumery House

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