Manthan agarbatti , Guggal , Pineapple, Kasturi , Zed Black agarbatti ,Rose ,Chandan, Arij, Mogra ,- Zed Black premium agarbatti

Weight – 130g

Commodity – Incence Sticks

SKU – Zipper Medium Arij

Manufacturer- Mysore Deep Perfumery House


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Weight 130 g
Dimensions 15 × 30 × 2 cm


 Immerse in the Enchanting Scents of Zed Black Agarbatti

Experience a world of captivating fragrance with Zed Black agarbatti, where ancient traditions meet modern refinement. Our meticulously crafted incense sticks transform your home into a sensory paradise, unlocking hidden realms of scent that awaken the spirit and stir the soul.

Indulge in Zed Black agarbatti of Aromas 

  • Rose: Let delicate rose petals fill your space with love and romance.
  • Chandan: Soothe your mind and soul with the tranquil scent of sandalwood.
  • Zed Black: Our signature fragrance uplifts and awakens positivity.
  • Arij: Surround yourself with the purity and freshness of Arij.
  • Mogra: Rejuvenate with the sweet, floral bliss of Mogra.
  • Charlie: Embark on a fragrant adventure with the invigorating Charlie scent.
  • Manthan Guggal: Purify your space and rituals with this sacred, traditional fragrance.
  • Pineapple: Delight in a refreshing, fruity aroma.
  • Kasturi: Ground yourself with the musky, earthy scent of Kasturi.

Elevating Everyday Experiences with Zed Black Agarbatti

These premium incense sticks are perfect for:

Meditation and Mindfulness: Create a peaceful, focused environment.

  • Calming Scents: Fragrances like Chandan, Arij, and Rose promote tranquility and help quiet a busy mind. These aromas can gently guide you towards focused awareness.
  • The Ritual of Burning: The act of lighting incense and observing the rising smoke can serve as an anchor that brings you back to the present moment. This simple ritual can help establish a mindful routine.
  • Clearing Distractions: The captivating scents of Zed Black agarbatti can help mask distracting background noises and create a sense of serene enclosure.

Yoga Practice: Enhance your yoga session with calming aromas.

  • Deepening the Breath: Aromas like sandalwood and mogra encourage deeper, more conscious breathing, which enhances the benefits of your yoga practice.
  • Mind-Body Connection: The sensory experience of fragrance promotes body awareness while gentle scents help soothe the mind, creating a stronger connection between your physical practice and your mental state.
  • Setting Intention: Lighting incense before your yoga session can be a ritualistic way to set an intention for mindfulness and inner exploration.

Spiritual Ceremonies: Add depth and meaning to your rituals.

  • Sacred Traditions: Scents like Manthan Guggal and Chandan have strong connections to spiritual practices across many cultures. Burning them can deepen rituals and connect you to ancient traditions.
  • Creating Atmosphere: The right fragrance can evoke a sense of reverence, awe, and sacredness. This adds a profound dimension to spiritual ceremonies and practices.
  • Spiritual Cleansing: Some aromas are believed to have purifying qualities, such as Guggal. Incense can represent the cleansing of the space and spirit, preparing for a meaningful ceremony.

Daily Rituals: Infuse your day with uplifting scents.

  • Mindful Moments: Starting your day with a calming fragrance like Arij can set a tone of intentionality and serenity. Similarly, burning Zed Black or Rose in the evening can ease you into relaxation.
  • Workspace Ambiance: Boost creativity and focus with energizing scents like Charlie, or refresh your home workspace with Pineapple.
  • Simple Joys: The simple act of filling your home with beautiful fragrance can create small moments of delight and enhance your daily routines.

Aromatherapy: Promote relaxation and well-being.

  • Stress Relief: Fragrances like lavender (a close relative to Mogra) and sandalwood have known calming properties that can ease tension and anxiety.
  • Mood Enhancement: Uplifting scents like Zed Black and Pineapple can invigorate and improve your overall state of mind.
  • Sleep Aid: Relaxing aromas like rose or mogra, when used in the evening, can help quiet the mind and promote restful sleep.

Home Fragrance: Transform your home into a fragrant oasis.

  • Welcoming Ambiance: Greet guests with the inviting scent of Zed Black or the freshness of Arij. Set a warm and inviting tone.
  • Personalized Sanctuary: Create a unique olfactory signature for your home that reflects your personality and sets your space apart.
  • Masking Odors: Gently neutralize unwanted odors while adding a pleasant and welcoming fragrance.

Specifications of Zed Black agarbatti

  • Stick Length: Approximately 9 inches
  • Stick Weight: Approximately 1.5 grams per stick
  • Burn Time: 30-45 minutes per stick
  • Packaging: 130g resealable zipper pouch
  • Count: Approx. 85-90 sticks per pack

The Zed Black agarbatti Difference:

Handcrafted with Care: Ensuring an authentic, long-lasting fragrance.

  • The Art of Incense Making: Zed Black agarbatti isn’t mass-produced in a factory. Skilled artisans carry on the traditional methods of incense making, blending ingredients, and meticulously rolling each stick by hand. This dedication translates into a more nuanced and complex fragrance experience.
  • Quality over Quantity: The focus on craftsmanship means that each batch receives careful attention, ensuring the perfect balance of scent. This care results in a long-lasting fragrance that slowly unfurls, filling your space with a rich aroma that lingers long after the stick has finished.

Natural Ingredients: For a pure and gentle experience.

  • Health and Wellness: Many synthetic fragrances contain harsh chemicals that can cause headaches or irritate allergies. Zed Black prioritizes natural ingredients, like essential oils and plant-based binders, to create incense that’s gentle on your body and the environment.
  • Holistic Benefits: Natural fragrances often have added aromatherapy benefits. For example, sandalwood can promote calming, while rose is uplifting. Using purely natural ingredients lets you enjoy these intrinsic benefits more fully.

Variety of Scents: Find your perfect aromatic match.

  • Personalized Experience: Zed Black’s wide range of aromas caters to every mood and preference. Whether you’re seeking something floral, earthy, traditional, or uplifting, they offer a scent that resonates with you.
  • Rituals and Routines: Different fragrances can be used for different purposes. A meditative sandalwood scent for quiet reflection, a purifying Manthan Guggal for a spiritual ceremony, or an invigorating citrus for a morning energy boost.

Customer Satisfaction: Our commitment to quality shines through.

  • Customer-Centric: Zed Black understands that their customers are seeking quality incense for a special purpose. They take pride in delivering a product that lives up to your expectations, from the fragrance itself to its packaging and presentation.
  • Attention to Feedback: A commitment to customer satisfaction implies a willingness to listen and evolve. Positive reviews and customer testimonials are proof of their success in fulfilling this commitment.

Experience the transformative power of fragrance. Discover the magic of Zed Black Agarbatti today!

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