Zed Black 1M Premium Fragrance Bamboo Less Dhoop Sticks for Everyday Use – Aroma Sticks (20 Sticks of 7.5 cm per Pack)

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Brand Zed Black
Item Form Sticks
Material Bambooless
Scent Fresh
Product Benefits Soothing,Aromatherapy
Item Length 7.5 Centimetres

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Zed Black Premium Dhoop Sticks Gift Set – (12-Pack Assorted)

Immerse your senses in a world of captivating fragrances with Zed Black’s Premium Dhoop Sticks Gift Set. This exquisite 12-pack collection includes four mesmerizing aromas – Aqua, CW, 1M, and Black – meticulously crafted to elevate your meditation, relaxation, and spiritual practices. Discover the transformative power of scent as these natural incense sticks enhance your daily rituals, bringing a sense of tranquility and positive energy to your life.


  • Possible Fragrance Profile: Fresh, clean, aquatic scent reminiscent of ocean air, cool waterfalls, or light rain.
  • Evocative Feeling: Clarity, refreshment, tranquility, a sense of being cleansed or revitalized.
  • Potential Uses: Clearing the mind for meditation, creating a spa-like atmosphere at home, purification rituals.


  • Possible Fragrance Profile: Warm, comforting, perhaps with subtle floral or vanilla notes.
  • Evocative Feeling: Relaxation, a sense of being enveloped in softness, feeling safe and cozy.
  • Potential Uses: Evening meditation, winding down before sleep, creating a welcoming ambiance in your home.


  • Possible Fragrance Profile: Bright, citrusy, energizing, potentially with hints of spice or fresh herbs.
  • Evocative Feeling: Focus, alertness, a boost of positivity, feeling uplifted and invigorated.
  • Potential Uses: Morning meditation for clarity, combating fatigue, adding an uplifting element to a workspace.


  • Possible Fragrance Profile: Deep, rich, musky, possibly with notes of sandalwood, amber, or patchouli.
  • Evocative Feeling: Grounding, introspection, mystery, a sense of connecting with something ancient or primal.
  • Potential Uses: Intense meditation practices, spiritual rituals, creating a contemplative atmosphere.

Key Features and Benefits of Dhoop Sticks

Soothing, Long-Lasting Fragrances

Each dhoop stick features a unique blend of essential oils (natural plant extracts) and perfumes. This offers both the authentic scents of nature and complex, nuanced aromas. Importantly, the fragrance is long-lasting, providing a consistent atmosphere rather than a fleeting burst. Imagine a subtle, comforting fragrance that gently fills your space for hours, creating a tranquil and peaceful backdrop for any activity.

Handcrafted with Natural Ingredients

These dhoop sticks are made with care, prioritizing high-quality natural ingredients. They are free from harsh chemicals or artificial scents, guaranteeing a pure and authentic experience. The word “handcrafted” implies attention to detail. Trust that these dhoop sticks are made with genuine elements from nature. Their fragrances might remind you of flowers, plants, or resins, without synthetic imitations. This appeals to those seeking a holistic, natural product.

Perfect for Meditation, Yoga, and Relaxation

The calming aromas of these dhoop sticks were carefully selecte to promote tranquility. This makes them ideal for focused meditation, mindful yoga sessions, or simply de-stressing after a long day. The fragrances can act as a guide, helping you slip into a relaxed or meditative mindset. They can enhance your breathing, focus your mind, and ease away tension.

Enhance Positivity and Well-being

These enchanting fragrances do more than just relax you. They actively promote peace, lift your mood, and can even dispel negative energies. The result is a feeling of refreshment and rejuvenation. Much like your favorite scent can instantly boost your mood, these dhoop sticks provide that emotional uplift. They go further by offering a sense of cleansing, both emotionally and energetically.

Ideal Gifting Option

The beautiful packaging of this dhoop stick set makes it a perfect, thoughtful gift for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion. It’s a way to share the gift of serenity with those you love. Imagine gifting this to someone and introducing them to the benefits of dhoop. It’s a considerate gesture for anyone interested in aromatherapy, meditation, or simply needing more calmness in their lives.

Specifications of Dhoop Sticks

  • Product Type: Premium Dhoop Sticks (Incense Sticks)
  • Fragrance Types: Aqua, CW, 1M, Black (and captivating blends like Lavender & Chamomile, Sandalwood & Vanilla, Lemongrass & Sage)
  • Ingredients: Bamboo-less base, natural essential oils (including sandalwood, jasmine, frankincense), resins, perfumes.
  • Stick Length: 9cm / 3.5 inches
  • Burn Time: 40-50 minutes per stick
  • Packaging: 12 packs of premium dhoop sticks (3 packs each of Aqua, CW, 1M, and Black), 20 dhoop sticks per individual pack.
  • Country of Origin: India

Inside the Dhoop Sticks Box

Generous Offering with Variety

This exquisite gift set includes a total of 12 individual packs of premium dhoop sticks, providing approximately 240 sticks in total. You’ll receive a curated selection with three packs each of four distinct fragrances:

  • Aqua: Experience 3 packs of this refreshing, revitalizing scent.
  • CW: Unwind with 3 packs of this warm and comforting fragrance.
  • 1M: Discover 3 packs of an invigorating, uplifting aroma.
  • Black: Immerse yourself in 3 packs of this deep, grounding fragrance.

Quantity and Convenience

Each of the 12 packs conveniently contains around 20 dhoop sticks, offering ample supply for your aromatherapy rituals. Enjoy the freedom to explore your favorite scents or mix and match for a unique sensory experience.

Why Choose Zed Black Dhoop Sticks?

Zed Black is a trusted brand renowned for its high-quality incense products. With over 40 unique fragrances, we are committed to providing you with exceptional dhoop sticks to enhance your daily rituals and elevate your well-being.

  • Established Reputation: Zed Black is a trusted brand renowned for its high-quality incense products for over 25 years. We’re proud of our history of delivering excellent experiences.

  • Exceptional Variety: With over 40 unique fragrances to suit every mood and occasion, find your signature scent or explore new favorites.

  • Dedication to Your Well-Being: We are committed to providing you with exceptional dhoop sticks to enhance your meditation practice, create a relaxing ambiance, and elevate your overall well-being.

Unlock the Transformative Power of Dhoop Sticks Scent

Have you ever wished you could simply press pause on the hectic pace of everyday life? To find a pocket of stillness where your mind could unwind and your spirit could recharge? The ancient practice of burning incense, and specifically dhoop sticks, offers exactly this – a simple ritual to invite peace, serenity, and a sense of well-being into your day.

Imagine returning home after a long day, the stresses of work and worries still clinging to your mind. You enter your space, light a single Zed Black dhoop stick, and let the captivating fragrance begin its transformative work. It’s a subtle shift at first – the gentle scent of Aqua, the comforting warmth of CW, the invigorating touch of 1M, or the deep grounding of Black. As it delicately fills the room, you feel tension starting to soften, replaced by a quiet sense of ease.

 We understand that scent isn’t just about smelling nice; it’s about the emotions it evokes, the memories it stirs, and the profound impact it can have on your overall well-being.

Experience the Zed Black Dhoop Sticks Difference

For years, we’ve been a trusted name in the world of incense, recognized for our commitment to quality and authenticity. Every Zed Black dhoop stick is meticulously crafted using only the finest natural ingredients – essential oils, resins, and a touch of the finest perfumes to create complex aromas. Their long-lasting fragrance lingers for hours, subtly transforming your space into a haven of relaxation.

But what truly sets us apart is our range. With over 40 unique fragrances, we’ve created a scent for every mood and occasion. Seeking rejuvenation? Our refreshing Aqua fragrance washes away the day’s cares. Need to find focus? The uplifting notes of 1M invigorate and inspire. Whether you’re a seasoned meditator or simply someone needing to unwind, Zed Black has a dhoop stick to complement and enhance your experience.

More Than Just a Scent, It’s a Ritual

Burning dhoop sticks isn’t just about filling a room with a pleasant aroma. It’s a mindful ritual, a way to mark a shift in your day. Whether you integrate it into your morning yoga practice, light a stick before meditation, or simply let it burn as a soothing backdrop to your evening, it becomes an anchor point for finding tranquility.

Studies suggest aromatherapy can positively impact mood, reduce stress, and even improve sleep. Using Zed Black’s premium dhoop sticks is like inviting an invisible ally into your home – one that quietly works to boost your well-being, leaving you feeling refreshed, centered, and ready to embrace whatever life throws your way.

Share the Gift of Serenity

Life isn’t always easy, and we all know someone who could use a little extra peace and calm in their daily lives. Zed Black’s beautifully packaged dhoop stick gift sets are a thoughtful way to show you care. It’s more than a simple present – it’s the gift of self-care, a chance for them to rediscover inner stillness.

Discover Your Zen with Zed Black Dhoop Sticks

We invite you to step into the captivating world of Zed Black dhoop sticks. Explore our exquisite collection, breathe in the transformative fragrances, and experience the difference that mindful aromatherapy can bring to your life. It’s time to reclaim your peace, enhance your well-being, and elevate the everyday with the power of scent.

Find your perfect scent and elevate the everyday. Explore the Zed Black Dhoop Sticks Collection.

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