Sri Lakshmi Ashtottara Shatanamavali: A Divine Prayer of 108 Names

Sri Lakshmi Ashtottara Shatanamavali is a sacred prayer that lists 108 names of Goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu deity of wealth, prosperity, and luck. Each name in this prayer reflects a different aspect of the goddess and her divine presence, emphasizing her significance in Hindu mythology and culture.

Significance of the Names:

  • Prakruthyai: The creative force of nature
  • Vikruthyai: The one who is beyond creation
  • Vidyayai: The embodiment of knowledge
  • Sarva bhutha hita pradayai: The one who bestows welfare to all beings
  • Sraddhayai: The embodiment of faith
  • Vibhuthyai: The one who is glorious and prosperous
  • Surabhyai: The divine cow of plenty
  • Paramatmikayai: The supreme soul
  • Vaache: The source of speech
  • Padmalayayai: Residing in the lotus
  • Padmayai: The lotus-eyed
  • Suchyai: The embodiment of purity
  • Swahayai: The embodiment of the heavens
  • Swadhayai: The embodiment of the self
  • Sudhayai: The embodiment of nectar
  • Dhanyayai: The giver of wealth and blessings
  • Hiranmaiyai: The golden one
  • Lakshmyai: The embodiment of auspiciousness
  • Nithya-pushtayai: The eternally nourishing
  • Vibhavaryai: The bestower of prosperity
  • Adityai: The daughter of Aditi
  • Dityai: The mother of the universe
  • Deeptayai: The shining one
  • Vasudhayai: The earth mother
  • Vasudharinyai: The bearer of the earth
  • Kamalayai: The lotus-like
  • Kanthayai: The beloved consort
  • Kamakshyai: The one with loving eyes
  • Krodhasambhavayai: The one who arises in anger
  • Anugraha pradayai: The bestower of blessings
  • Buddhaye: The embodiment of wisdom
  • Anaghayai: The sinless one
  • Hari vallabhayai: The beloved of Vishnu
  • Asokayai: The one who cannot be saddened
  • Amruthayai: The immortal one
  • Deeptayai: The radiant one
  • Lokasoka vinasinyai: The destroyer of sorrows of the world
  • Dharma nilayayai: The abode of righteousness
  • Karunayai: The compassionate one
  • Loka matre: The mother of the world
  • Padma priyayai: The beloved of the lotus
  • Padma hastayai: The one with lotus-like hands
  • Padmaakshyai: The lotus-eyed
  • Padma sundaryai: The beautiful like the lotus
  • Padmoodbhavayai: The one born from the lotus
  • Padma mukhyai: The lotus-faced
  • Padmanabha priyayai: The beloved of Padmanabha
  • Ramaayai: The delighter of Rama
  • Padmamala dharayai: The one adorned with a garland of lotuses
  • Devyai: The divine one
  • Padminyai: The lotus-like
  • Padma gandhinyai: The one who smells like lotus
  • Punya gandhayai: The one with the fragrance of virtue
  • Suprasannayai: The ever-smiling one
  • Prasadabhimukhyai: The one who faces towards grace
  • Prabhayai: The radiant one
  • Chandra vadanayai: The one with a moon-like face
  • Chandrayai: The one who shines like the moon
  • Chandra sahodaryai: The sister of the moon
  • Chatur bhujayai: The four-armed one
  • Chandra roopayai: The embodiment of the moon
  • Indirayai: The radiant one
  • Indu seethalayai: The cool one like the moon
  • Aahlada jananyai: The mother of joy
  • Pushtyai: The nourisher
  • Shivaayai: The auspicious one
  • Shivakaryai: The one who does good to Shiva
  • Satyai: The embodiment of truth
  • Vimalayai: The pure one
  • Viswa jananyai: The mother of the universe
  • Pushtyai: The nourisher
  • Daridya nasinyai: The destroyer of poverty
  • Preethi pushkarinyai: The one who brings joy and affection
  • Santhayai: The embodiment of peace
  • Sukla-maalya(a)mbhara dharayai: The one adorned with white garlands
  • Sriyayai: The embodiment of beauty
  • Bhaskaryai: The radiant like the sun
  • Bilva nilayayai: The one who resides in the bilva tree
  • Varaarohayai: The one with a beautiful seat
  • Yashaswinyai: The embodiment of fame
  • Vasundharayai: The mother of the earth
  • Udarangayai: The one with a generous figure
  • Harinyai: The deer-like
  • Hema malinyai: The one adorned with golden garlands
  • Dhanadhanya kariyai: The giver of wealth and grains
  • Siddhyai: The bestower of success
  • Straina Sowmyayai: The gentle one among women
  • Subhapradayai: The bestower of auspiciousness
  • Nrupavesmagata nandayai: The delighter of kings who visit her
  • Varalakshmyai: The giver of boons
  • Vasupradayai: The bestower of wealth
  • Subhayai: The giver of all that is auspicious
  • Hiranya prakarayai: The one whose form is like gold
  • Samudra tanayayai: The daughter of the ocean
  • Jayayai: The victorious one
  • Mangala devyai: The auspicious goddess
  • Vishnu vakshasthala sthithayai: The one who resides on the chest of Vishnu
  • Vishnu patnye: The wife of Vishnu
  • Prasannakshyai: The one with a pleasing countenance
  • Narayana samasrithayai: The one who seeks refuge in Narayana
  • Daaridya dwamsinyai: The destroyer of poverty
  • Devyai: The divine one
  • Sarvopadrava Varinyai: The remover of all obstacles
  • Navadurgayai: The nine forms of Durga
  • Maha Kalyai: The great Kali
  • Brahma Vishnu Shivaatmikaya: The one who is the essence of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva
  • Trikalagnana sampannayai: The one who is endowed with knowledge of the past, present, and future
  • Bhuvaneswaryai: The queen of the universe

Benefits of Chanting Sri Lakshmi Ashtothram:

  1. Attracting wealth and abundance
  2. Promoting spiritual growth
  3. Removing obstacles
  4. Improving relationships
  5. Promoting good health

Chanting Sri Lakshmi Ashtothram with devotion and sincerity can bring these benefits into your life and deepen your connection with the divine.

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