The Divine Power of Red Chandan Mala from Pujagoodies.com


The Red Chandan Mala, also known as Lal Chandan Mala, is a spiritual accessory that holds a significant place in various religious and meditative practices. Available on Pujagoodies.com, this mala is made from exquisite Red Chandan (Sandalwood) and consists of 108 beads1.

Product Information

The ISKON Krishna Lal Chandan Jaap Mala is a 108-beads rosary made from Red Chandan. It is designed to provide a peaceful and focused chanting experience1Each bead is round-shaped and authentic, ensuring the mala’s premium quality1.

Benefits of Red Chandan Mala

The Red Chandan Mala is not just a spiritual accessory but also a source of numerous benefits:

  1. Mental Strength: The Red Chandan Mala is known to make one mentally strong2.
  2. Focus and Concentration: Using the Red Chandan Mala for chanting can improve focus and concentration2.
  3. Positivity: The Red Chandan Mala enhances one’s consciousness and brings positivity2.
  4. Neutralizes Planetary Effects: It is believed to neutralize all planets, especially Mars3.
  5. Attracts Divine Blessings: The mala attracts the blessings of Lord Ganesh, Hanuman, and Goddess Durga3.
  6. Promotes Financial Stability: It is also known to clear debts and promote financial stability3.

How to Use

Before placing the Lal Chandan Ki Mala (Red Sandal Wood Mala), meditate while keeping the mala in your hand. Think of the qualities you want the stone to integrate and wear it. One can use it as a rosary too2.


The Red Chandan Mala from Pujagoodies.com is more than just a religious item. It is a tool for enhancing mental strength, focus, and positivity. It is a symbol of faith, devotion, and spiritual growth. So, embrace the divine power of the Red Chandan Mala and elevate your spiritual journey today1.

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